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Siemens EQ9 Plus vs De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul – Two high-end, full-featured coffee machines

Siemens EQ9 Plus vs De'Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul

Coffee culture is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and the new generations are no longer satisfied with a simple coffee. They are now more demanding and seek perfection in every brew. It is therefore not surprising that brands are marketing increasingly complete coffee machines, as is the case with our protagonists: Siemens EQ9 Plus vs De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul. If you want to know what their differences and similarities are, we tell you about them in this article!

Siemens EQ9 Plus vs De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul: Keys to choosing the best coffee machine

Below, we analyse the main criteria that may influence your purchasing decision. However, you should be aware that these may vary depending on your needs.

Features of each brand

Both coffee machines have their own technologies that make them unique and different from the rest:

  • Siemens EQ9 Plus: iAroma technology helps you to intensify the taste and experience by achieving a more optimal brewing process with a deeper aroma.
  • De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul: here, we find the Bean Adapt technology, by means of which the appliance recognises the type of coffee and adjusts the preparation in the most appropriate way according to the level of intensity and aroma of the coffee.

Power and pressure

Both the Siemens EQ9 plus and the De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul have a pump that reaches a maximum pressure of 19 bar. In case you are not used to this type of coffee machine, let us tell you that it is common to find pumps of up to 15 bar, which indicates the high efficiency of these models.

In addition to the pressure, it is important to consider the power, although in this case there is a slight difference. The Siemens machine has a power output of 1500 watts, while the De’Longhi model has a power output of 1450 watts. As you can imagine, given the same pump pressure, the difference is more theoretical than practical.

Different types of coffee

In line with the previous point, it is easy to see from the display that both the Siemens EQ9 Plus and the De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul have a wide range of different coffees. We are talking about cappuccino, Americano, espresso, caffe latte, macchiatto, etc.

In total, the Siemens coffee machine offers a choice of 22 drinks, while the De’Longhi machine has 18 options.

Siemens EQ.9 Plus Vs De'Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul_4

Tank capacity

Coffee machines as professional as the two we have analysed have different tanks, each with a specific function and characteristics:

  • Water tank: in this case, the volume is very similar. The Siemens has a 2.3 litre tank, while the De’Longhi coffee machine has a 2.2 litre tank.
  • Coffee bean compartment: another compartment that both coffee machines have is the coffee bean compartment, as you can choose to make coffee with it already ground, or grind it directly in the machine itself. The difference in this aspect is more notable. The Siemens model has a tank capacity of 290 grams, while its rival holds up to 500 grams.

Milk technology

Both coffee machines have a milk carafe already integrated into the standard equipment, both of which can be used to create coffees such as cappuccino or caffe latte.

The Siemens EQ9 Plus features the autoMilk Clean system, which cleans the milk lines after each use. The De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul, on the other hand, has the Lattecrema system developed by the brand.

Double coffee in one go

Another element that is easy to see at a glance is the double coffee spout, present in both models, and thanks to which it is possible to prepare two coffees at the same time. The only thing you should bear in mind, if you want to do this, is that it must be two espressos, as longer coffees usually require both outlets in one cup or a double shot.

Digital touch screen

As you can easily see, both coffee machines have a TFT colour touch screen where you can choose the drink of your choice. The presence of a digital display always gives a more modern look that we like very much.

Siemens EQ.9 Plus Vs De'Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul_2

Mobile app

Now, let’s look at an issue that, although the simplest coffee machines do not have, is present in our two protagonists: synchronisation with a mobile app.

In the case of the Siemens coffee machine, you have to use the Home Connect app. Here you can create your own Coffee Playlist, activate notifications, view different recipes, contact the technical service, etc. This app allows you to create up to 10 different profiles.

The De’Longhi coffee machine requires the Coffee Link app. It also allows you to view different recipes and configure the parameters to your liking, although it is less versatile than the Siemens app. Moreover, in this case, you can only have 4 profiles.

Type of grinder

The Siemens EQ9 Plus relies on a heavy-duty ceramic grinder, while the De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul has a conical stainless steel grinder. It’s not that one is better than the other, they are just different.

Are there price differences?

Yes, there are, although we assume that these are two top-of-the-range coffee machines and are therefore not for those who prioritise the economic aspect.

It should be noted that the price of each may vary depending on the economic offers available at any given time. However, if we take into account the original price, the Siemens coffee machine is around 30% more expensive.

These are the most popular superautomatic coffee makers

Knowing which models other users choose can help you choose the best coffee machine based on their experiences. These are the best sellers on Amazon:

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Siemens EQ9 Plus vs De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul: Which is the best coffee machine?

It is very difficult to decide between these two models, as both are of extraordinary quality. We have already warned you that they are not cheap, but there are few models with more features than the two featured in this review. Therefore, it is essential that you know which are the priority aspects for you to choose properly, as the investment requires it.

In our opinion, the De’Longhi Perfetto Primadonna Soul is better value for money. Although the Siemens model has more options from a technology point of view, it should not be forgotten that the main task of a coffee machine is to make coffee.

In this case, both make top-quality coffee, for which they have their own technologies. However, we chose De’Longhi because its coffee machine is more economical. In addition, the bean tank is larger than that of its rival, and its Lattecrema system is very hard to beat.

However, the final decision is yours alone, and choosing either of the two will give you wonderful results.