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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro – Which wireless headphones are more worthwhile?

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Music is part of our lives in almost every day-to-day situation. We listen to music, radio or podcasts while travelling, on the train, in the office, when we’re at home, etc. And, in line with this demand, more and more sound technologies are becoming available to make that listening time an experience. In this article we focus on a comparison of two Samsung wireless headphones that have the guarantee of one of the most reputable technology companies. So, we check out the differences and similarities between the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro. Stay tuned!

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro: Where do the Buds 2 stand out?

We start by highlighting the factors where we give the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 the win and the reasons why:

Battery life with charging case

It is worth noting that without the charging case, the battery life of both headsets is the same at 5 hours with noise cancellation. However, if we take into account the charging case, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 last up to 20 hours, compared to 18 hours for the Buds Pro. With noise cancellation turned off, it’s down to just one hour. OK, we know the difference isn’t much, but it’s enough to make you opt for one of the two when in doubt.

Comfort of use

A curious thing happens with this comparison. In terms of purely aesthetic design, the Galaxy Buds Pro has better quality materials. The combination of plastic and aluminium makes them more durable, and they look sleeker. The problem is that they are not as comfortable as the Galaxy Buds 2, which are much better suited to the in-ear shape. They are also lighter, which also contributes to comfort.

To be clear, so-called in-ear headphones sit inside the ear canal, unlike earbuds, which sit outside the ear canal, and therefore feel less invasive in the ear. In-ear headphones, like the two featured in our review, enhance the sound experience, but they must be very comfortable so that they are not uncomfortable. For this reason, we give the Buds 2 the win in this case.

Connectivity and Bluetooth

Both Samsung models can connect via Bluetooth, but the Buds 2 supports version 5.2, while the Buds Pro sticks to 5.0. On the other hand, it is interesting to know about the Auto Switch function of the Galaxy Buds 2, through which you can connect the headphones with other compatible Galaxy devices. In the case of the Buds Pro, the Buds Together option allows you to sync two pairs of Galaxy Buds Pro with your phone simultaneously. So you can listen to the same playlist together with a friend.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro: Buds Pro advantages

Now let’s take a look at where the Buds Pro has the edge over its rival:

Design: sleeker look

As we’ve already mentioned, the Galaxy Buds Pro is covered in a mix of plastic and aluminium, which gives it a sleeker, more metallic look. And, of course, it’s more durable. Looking at the colours, the Buds Pro is available in black, silver and purple, while the Buds 2 is available in white, black, green and purple. Note that the price varies depending on the colour you choose. In this case, we like the metallic look of the Buds Pro better.

Level of water resistance

Let’s put it in context to help you understand the difference. The water and dust resistance of electronic devices is measured by the IP rating followed by two digits. The first digit measures the degree of dust resistance from 1 to 9, and the second digit measures the degree of water resistance.

In the case of our protagonists, the Galaxy Buds 2 have an IPX2 rating, while the Buds Pro raise it to IPX7. In other words, while the Buds 2 can only withstand a few drops of water, their rivals can withstand immersion to a depth of 1 metre. So if you drop them in water, the Buds Pro will hold up better.

Active noise cancellation

This is one of the aspects that best demonstrates the technological innovation of wireless headphones. Both the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro have a feature known as ANC (Active Noise Cancelling). On the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 you can turn it on or off, but the Buds Pro goes one step further.

Bur, regarding the Buds Pro, in addition to turning it on, they allow you to select the volume depending on outside noise. This adjustability gives you that extra bit of technology that enhances the user experience. Also, both headphones have Ambient Mode, but the Buds 2 registers sounds up to 9 decibels maximum, compared to 20 decibels for the Buds Pro.


In line with the previous point, it is important to note that both headphones integrate a two-way speaker to pick up your voice more efficiently. However, the Buds 2’s speaker is 7 millimetres, while the Buds Pro’s is 11 millimetres. This difference is not very noticeable in practice, but it does improve the quality of phone calls.

Sound quality

Consistent with the previous paragraphs, we are left with the audio quality provided by the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Even so, we have to recognise that it is excellent in either of the two, since they have the same number of internal and external microphones and the same sound drivers. However, they are not equal when it comes to the speakers. You know that, in the case of the two-way, the difference is 4 millimetres. But in addition, the Galaxy Buds Pro are equipped with another 6.5 millimetre speaker for high-pitched sounds. This allows bass and treble sounds to be projected more clearly.

Also, they feature the Audio 360 function based on Dolby Head Tracking technology. Thanks to an intelligent motion sensor, it detects in which direction the sound should be projected as you move your head, so the sound experience is much more immersive no matter which way you look.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro: commonalities

We are looking at two headsets from the same brand, Samsung, and from the same product range. It is therefore not surprising that there are certain similarities such as the following:

Adjustable cushion size

In either case you can choose from three sizes of ear cushions, small, medium and large, to see which one best fits the shape of your ear.

Smart features

There are a number of features common to both headphones: audio equalisation, noise control, syncing with the Bixby virtual assistant, notification alerts, instant location in case of loss, etc. All of these can be viewed in the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.

We might give the Buds Pro a bit of an advantage because of the sensor that stops the music if you take the headphones off and plays them again when you put them back on. Overall, however, they are pretty evenly matched when it comes to added functionality.


To be honest, it’s not that the two headphones are the same price, but the difference is minimal. In fact, it depends more on the colour you choose than the model. To give you an idea, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are priced between 95 and 120 euros. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, sells for between 110 and 120 euros.

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Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Pro?

At this point, all that remains is to decide which of the two best suits your needs. Considering that there is no variation in price, you should focus on other criteria that can help you decide. For example, if you go outdoors for sports and like to listen to music in the meantime, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be a better choice, as they offer better water and sweat resistance. You’ll also go for them if you make more phone calls, as the presence of the two speakers and the larger size of the two-way speaker improves the audio quality of calls.

On the other hand, if the most important thing for you is the comfort of use, perhaps the Samsung Galaxuy Buds 2 are more comfortable. Also, keep in mind that they also have active noise cancellation, although you cannot adjust the level, and they support one more version of Bluetooth.

In this case, you have to decide which is the most important factor on which to base your choice, as they are tied on price. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are more comfortable and lighter, while the Galaxy Buds Pro provides a higher level of technology. So, the choice is yours alone.

Guide to choosing the best wireless headphones

We don’t want to end this review without giving you some key points to bear in mind if you are going to buy wireless headphones, and which may condition your decision:

  • Type of headphones: we have already told you that headphones are divided according to their nature. Some are over-ear, which are worn over the head and have larger ear cups. You can also find on-ear, which simply rest on the pinna, but do not go into the ear. Finally, there are the in-ear, which are in-ear headphones that do go inside the ear canal.
  • Active noise cancellation: this functionality is present in more and more models, generally in mid-range or high-end models. Its purpose is to isolate outside noise so that you can focus your attention only on what you are listening to. As far as possible, this is recommended for maximum enjoyment of the experience.
  • Speakers: The number of speakers may vary, as well as the type of speakers. For example, in the case of our protagonists, they have two-way speakers of various sizes, but there are other models in which the speaker is simpler. The same goes for the microphone, which will be of particular interest to you if you make a lot of calls.
  • Battery life: As with all wireless devices, headphones also have a limited battery life. Our recommendation is to look not only at how much battery life they offer, but also at whether or not they come with a charging case.

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