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Roomba e5 vs 692 vs 671 vs 605 – Our analysis of the best cheap Roomba robot vacuum

Roomba e5 vs 692 vs 671 vs 605 THE BEST ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER
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Do you want a clean house with little effort but have a low budget? If you said yes, you will be happy to know that it’s possible to have a great robot vacuum at a low price. Have a look at our comparison between the Roomba e5, the Roomba 692, the Roomba 671 and the Roomba 605 to find out which of these models is the perfect solution for your home.

We’ll look into the differences, the common denominators and we’ll give our opinion on the value of these robot vacuums.

Let’s start with the differences between the e5, the 692, the 671 and the 605.

1) Suction power is key

The first attribute that we’ll see is the suction power, because, well, this is the main function of a vacuum. Looking at these 4 models, the Roomba e5 has a clear advantage, being 5 times more powerful than the Series 600 Roombas.

2) How long can they go without recharging?

All the Roombas in this article except the Roomba 605 (only 60 minutes) have a running time of 90 minutes, which is when they need to get back to the Home Base. If you have a big house, you should take this attribute into consideration.

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3) Dirt Detect™ technology is a big help

For the ones who don’t know, the Dirt Detect technology helps the Roomba, through visual and acoustic sensors, to find areas that are particularly dirty. Why? Because then your robot can decide to prioritize those areas and clean them with even more dedication. The Roomba 605 doesn’t have this feature, but all the others do.

4) Tangle-free experience

The Roomba e5 is the only model from this comparison that counts with the ability to remove tangles without a problem – which is great if you have pets running around your house. The 692, the 671 and the 605 don’t have these special brushes.

5) Are they easy to carry? Do they have a handle?

The Roombas are not heavy, so you shouldn’t have any problems carrying yours around. But, to make things even easier, the Roomba e5 and the Roomba 671 have a handle on top that you can grab to move the robot around. The 605 and the 692 don’t have any handles, but you can still just pick it up and take it with you!

6) WiFi connection and mobile app

The usual mode of control is the app on your mobile phone, which should be connected to your home network (so does the Roomba). With the app you can start, pause and resume the cleaning sessions, schedule cleanings, check the status of your robot, among other things. Well, this is true for all these models except the 605, which doesn’t work with an app.

7) How about voice control?

The Roomba 605 doesn’t allow for voice control, but the other three models do – in case you have a virtual assistant at home, like Alexa or Google Home. You can set up the connection between the devices so that your virtual assistant controls the robot on hearing your command.

8) Let’s look at price differences

Unsurprisingly, the Roomba 605 is the cheapest of this selection of robot vacuums, due to its basic features and performance level. The most expensive is the Roomba e5, which makes sense because it delivers a more powerful experience than the others. In any case, the prices are not that different, so it might be worth looking at performance, technology and features instead of budget.

Yes, they have several differences that should help you make a decision, but let’s also look at the things that they share!

1) Do they Recharge and Resume where they’ve left off?

They do not. These models have the basic function of returning to the Home Base for recharging when the battery is low, but they cannot go back to the point where they were when they had to stop. This means that you may find a couple of less clean spots.

2) They use the iAdapt 1.0 navigation system

This is the first version of the Roomba navigation system and it’s a reactive system – there’s no prediction of obstacles, no mapping of the house and no memory of previous paths, so it’s pretty much a random way of moving around while cleaning.

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3) The 3-stage cleaning system will make sure to properly clean even the dirtiest areas

Most Roombas use a combination of the multi-surface brushes with a powerful suction to lift, remove and colect the dirt around your house – this is called the 3-stage cleaning system and these 4 models have it.

4) Mapping

These cheap Roombas don’t have the ability to create maps and they move reactively, by bumping into obstacles and finding a way around them.

5) Anything else?

There are some other things that these models have in common: they are not compatible with the Clean Base (for automatic discharge of the bin); they are not compatible with Braava jet mops; they don’t have Power Boost mode.

Have you decided which of these cheap Roombas is the best?

Is it the e5, the 692, the 671 or the 605? In our opinion, the Roomba e5 is the best option if you’re looking for a robot vacuum with advanced features and a great cleaning power (the suction power and the tangle-free brushes are well worth the price, especially if you have pets at home).

As for the 605 model, the oldest from this selection, we do not recommend it. The features are a bit outdated and the performance is not on par with the newer models.

If you have budget constraints but still care for the technology, like Dirt Detect or app control, maybe the 671 or 692 can be a solution. 

If any of these models seems perfect for you, don’t forget to take a look at the Amazon offers down here: