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Oral-B iO 7 Vs 8 Vs 9 – Which electric toothbrush is best?

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The Oral-B iO Series 7N, 8N and 9N are electric toothbrushes that stand out for their innovative features, so you’ll probably want to get one of them, even if you don’t know which one… These latest generation toothbrushes from Oral-B use magnetic technology with micro-vibrations, but there are some differences between the different series.

Want to know the main differences between these top of the range Oral-B toothbrushes? Let’s see which model is best for you, we start the Oral B iO Series 7N vs Series 8N vs Series 9N comparison.

Oral-B iO Series 7

Oral-B iO 7N is a high-end toothbrush with iO magnetic technology that comes with a travel case and replacement brush head. It’s the perfect toothbrush if you’re looking for gentle brushing and professional cleaning, with 5 brushing modes.

Its magnetic technology propels the energy to the end of each filament, so that it can reach every nook and cranny optimally and equally. It also has a round brush with micro vibrations for a cleaner, fresher feeling in your mouth. It’s perfect for healthier gums in just one week, as Oral B says.

Its dimensions are 17.8 x 10 x 25.3 cm, making it very comfortable to use and practical for those looking for a high-end travel brush that will give you good results.

  1. 5 intelligent cleaning modes: daily cleaning, sensitive, gum care, deep cleaning and whitening.
  2. Interactive display. Displays brushing modes and toothbrush head replacement reminder.
  3. Intelligent pressure sensor, warning you with red, white or green colours if you brush too hard, too soft or with the right pressure.
  4. Artificial intelligence. It recognises your brushing style and guides you to clean your teeth without leaving an area unbrushed.
  5. Oral-B’s comfortable round brush head with gentle micro-vibrations.
  6. Attractive white design.
  7. Battery life of 14 days.
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Oral-B iO7 Electric Toothbrushes For Adults, Chrismats Gifts For Women , Him, App Connected Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head & Travel Case, 5 Modes with Teeth Whitening, White
  • In just 1 week, REMOVE 100% MORE PLAQUE and GET 190% HEALTHIER GUMS vs a manual brush by switching to ORAL-B’s MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY
  • KEEP YOUR MOUTH HEALTHIER FOR LONGER, join 8 out of 10 people that became better brushers thanks to iO personalised guidance in just 1 week
  • BRUSH CONVENIENTLY on the go with the 3H FAST CHARGER and TRAVEL CASE,  display always track your battery level
  • NEVER MISS A SPOT with the A.I. POWERED ORAL-B APP that tracks how and where you brush in real-time
  • EXPERIENCE ORAL-B’S SMART BRUSHING: display to select 5 cleaning modes, track your brushing time, replace timely refill head & track battery level

Oral-B iO Series 8

Oral-B iO 8N is an electric toothbrush with a rechargeable handle, replacement brush head, travel case and full-colour display that provides great cleaning and gentle brushing thanks to its micro vibrations.

In order to achieve a fresher mouth and healthier gums, this toothbrush comes with artificial intelligence to recognise your brushing style, guiding you to clean your teeth more effectively.

On the other hand, it has 6 smart modes that adapt to you. Its smart pressure sensor lets you know if you’re brushing with the right pressure to prevent bleeding and tooth sensitivity. You can find it in purple, black and white.

  1. 6 intelligent cleaning modes: daily cleaning, sensitive, gum care, deep, supersensitive and whitening.
  2. 3D micro-vibration cleaning for a smoother and quieter brushing experience.
  3. Full colour display where you can see the brushing modes and a brush head replacement reminder.
  4. Intelligent pressure sensor. Red if you brush too hard, white too soft and green at the correct pressure.
  5. Travel case included.
  6. Colours black, white and violet.
  7. Battery life of 14 days.
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Oral-B iO8 Electric Toothbrushes For Adults, Chrismats Gifts For Women , Him, App Connected Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head & Travel Case, 6 Modes with Teeth Whitening, 2 Pin UK Plug, Black
  • In just 1 week, REMOVE 100% MORE PLAQUE and GET 190% HEALTHIER GUMS vs a manual brush by switching to ORAL-B’s MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY
  • KEEP YOUR MOUTH HEALTHIER FOR LONGER, join 8 out of 10 people that became better brushers thanks to iO personalised guidance in just 1 week
  • EXPERIENCE ORAL-B’S SMART BRUSHING: display to select 5 cleaning modes, track your brushing time, replace timely refill head & track battery level
  • NEVER MISS A SPOT with the A.I. POWERED ORAL-B APP that tracks how and where you brush in real-time
  • PROTECT YOUR GUMS WITH iO PRESSURE SENSOR, Oral-B's only one to signal if you brush TOO HARD, TOO SOFT or JUST RIGHT for an effective and safe clean

Oral-B iO Series 9

Oral-B iO 9N is a premium electric toothbrush with revolutionary iO magnetic technology with micro vibrations, designed for a better cleaning sensation and gentle brushing, plus healthier gums in just one week. This feature is unique to the entire Oral-B iO range.

You will be able to control the brushing of all the surfaces of your mouth, achieving a more complete cleaning, thanks to its 3D technology with AI. It also incorporates a full-colour interactive display to see the most important information, such as its 7 brushing modes and a reminder to replace the brush head.

Enjoy up to 2 weeks of cleaning with this high performance brush. Available in black, white and pink to suit your taste.

  1. 7 intelligent cleaning modes: Daily Cleanse, Sensitive, Gum Care, Deep Cleanse, Super Sensitive, Tongue Cleaner and Whitening.
  2. Magnetic technology for gentle and extra-quiet mouth cleaning. This new technology energises the bristle tips to glide with gentle micro-vibrations.
  3. 3D technology to track 16 areas of the mouth.
  4. Interactive colour screen with personalised coaching.
  5. Premium charging case and magnetic charging base for fast charging in 3 hours.
  6. Colours black, white and violet.
  7. Battery life of 14 days.
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Oral-B iO9 Electric Toothbrushes For Adults, Chrismats Gifts For Women , Him, App Connected Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head & Charging Travel Case, 7 Modes with Teeth Whitening, 2 Pin UK Plug, Rose
  • Switch to ORAL-B'S MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY for 100% more plaque removal in just 1 week and even 300% more along the gumline vs a manual brush
  • Get WHITER TEETH from day 1 WITH iO DENTIST-INSPIRED ROUND BRUSH HEAD by removing surface stains
  • FULLY MAXIMISE YOUR COVERAGE thanks to our MOST INNOVATIVE AI POSITION DETECTION that tracks where you brush across all 3 surfaces of your teeth
  • KEEP YOUR MOUTH HEALTHIER FOR LONGER, join 8 out of 10 people that became better brushers thanks to iO personalised guidance in just 1 week
  • EXPERIENCE ORAL-B’S SMARTEST BRUSHING: 7 clean modes and coloured interactive display to track your brushing time and celebrate you for a great clean

Let’s take a look at the differences between the Oral-B iO series.

Cleaning modes

One of the main differences between the various models is the cleaning modes, which are 5 in the 7N Series, 6 in the 8N Series and 7 in the 9N Series. Specifically, the Oral B 7N Series has daily cleaning, sensitive, intense, super sensitive, whitening, gum care and tongue cleaning modes. The 8N Series has no tongue cleaning, the 7N Series has no super sensitive, no tongue cleaning.

Depending on your cleaning needs, one or the other model may be sufficient, but all of them can be used to clean the entire mouth adequately.

3D artificial intelligence

All models have artificial intelligence to recognise the position of the toothbrush in your mouth, but the 9N Series also provides a 3D representation to guide you based on the way you clean your teeth so you can reach every nook and cranny as effectively as possible.

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All brushes have a full-colour, interactive OLED display. In addition, the 9N Series has 3D tracking with personalised coaching to make your brushing more effective.

Travel case

With the 7N and 8N Series, the travel case holds the brush handle and up to 2 brush heads, while the 9N Series holds only one brush head. To compensate for this, the 9N Series case allows for recharging while inside.


Another big difference between the models is their price, although if you buy the Oral-B iO Series 7N, Series 8N and Series 9N on Amazon, you will see that sometimes there are offers where you can find superior models at a better price. In this case, considering how little they differ, it can be a determining factor.

Oral-B iO 7N Series vs 8N Series

The selling price of these two Oral-B Series is currently very similar, in fact you can find some offers on Amazon where the 8N Series is more recommendable. In addition, the 8N Series is available in 3 colours as opposed to the white of the 7N Series.

The 8N Series has 6 cleaning modes (daily cleaning, sensitive, super sensitive, intense, whitening and gum care) and the 7N Series only 5 (daily cleaning, sensitive, intense, whitening and gum care). The interactive display of the 8N Series is in full colour, just like the 7N Series.

The winning option is the Series 8 for price, screen and one more cleaning mode.

Oral-B iO Series 7N vs Series 8N vs Series 9N

Oral-B iO 8N Series vs 9N Series

The 8N Series has a lower retail price than the 9N Series, although there are offers where prices can be very similar. Both have the same colour options, although they differ in one colour.

The iO 8N Series has 6 cleaning modes (daily cleaning, sensitive, super sensitive, intensive, whitening and gum care) and the 9 Series has 7 modes (daily cleaning, sensitive, intensive, whitening, gum care and tongue cleaning).

The 9N Series has full 3D tracking for increased cleaning performance, plus a power2go charging case for recharging inside. The 8N Series case is standard, has a larger capacity, but no built-in recharging.

The winning choice in this case is the iO 9N Series, unless you love the unique colour of the 8N Series. It has one more cleaning mode, 3D tracking and charging in its case. And if you find a good deal, the price variation is minimal.

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Oral-B iO 7N Series vs. 9N Series

The Oral-B iO 9N Series is available in 3 colours compared to the white of the 7N Series, and features 7 cleaning modes compared to the 5 of the 7N Series. The 7N Series has a black and white display, while the 9N Series has a colour display. The 9N Series model has a power2go charging case for indoor charging and full 3D tracking that you won’t see on the 7N Series.

Oral-B iO Series 7N vs Series 8N vs Series 9N

Similarities between the different Oral-B iO series (7N, 8N and 9N series)

Daily cleaning

All have magnetic technology with oscillating-rotating cleaning action and micro vibrations. All three Oral B models have daily cleaning and sensitive mode, plus others such as intensive, whitening and gum care.

Built-in timer

It has a 2-minute timer to warn you of the ideal cleaning time, with a warning every 30 seconds to tell you when to change zones for more effective cleaning.

Built-in pressure sensor

All models have an intelligent pressure sensor that lights up red when the pressure is too high, or green when the pressure is correct.

Oral-B iO Series 7N vs Series 8N vs Series 9N


The battery of all these electric toothbrushes is rechargeable lithium-ion, with more than 14 days of use between charges. In addition, they have a 3-hour quick charge and magnetic charging stand.

Bluetooth technology and artificial intelligence

All Oral-B iO toothbrushes feature bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone, and artificial intelligence to track the location of your toothbrush in your mouth to recommend the most efficient brushing for you.

Final conclusion: Which model to choose between Oral-B iO Series 7N vs Series 8N vs Series 9N?

The differences between each model in the iO series are not very noticeable, although in some cases they are appreciable and essential depending on what you are looking for. First of all, the 7N Series has only one colour, white, while the other models have more colours to choose from. In addition, the price does not differ much.

The travel case with refill is only available on the Series 9N model. Importantly, you can see that the further you advance in the series, the more intelligent cleaning modes it offers. The 7N has 5 modes, the 8N has 6 modes and the 9N has 7 modes.

All of them are perfect for proper oral hygiene, so you’ll be right in any decision you make, as they are high performing, quiet and you’re spoilt for choice. The 9N Series is the best value for money when you find it on sale. If not, consider which one best suits your needs.