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LG S95QR vs LG S80QR vs LG S65Q: Comparison and analysis

LG S95QR vs LG S80QR vs LG S65Q

Have you recently thought about buying a soundbar to complete your movie or series watching experience? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! In this review we analyse the similarities and differences between three soundbars that, although they belong to the same brand, couldn’t be more different from each other. We are talking about LG S95QR vs LG S80QR vs LG S65Q. The question is: which one is better suited to your needs? Let’s find out!

LG S95QR vs LG S80QR vs LG S65Q: Keys to choosing the right sound bar

Throughout this article, we are going to tell you about the differences and similarities between the three protagonists, so that, in the end, you can decide which one is more worthwhile.

However, in order to do so, it is important that you know how to identify your needs first. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for you to know which one meets them best.

Are they physically similar?

The first thing that strikes us is the visual aspect, and the truth is that the three soundbars maintain aesthetic coherence. In all three cases you can buy them in black, and the type of design is quite similar. However, there are substantial differences.

The LG S95QR includes two additional, larger speakers, while the LG S80QR has three speakers, albeit smaller. The LG S65Q has no additional speakers.

In addition, despite being in the same range, the weight is also different. The LG S95QR has the larger main unit and subwoofer, and weighs 5 kilos. In contrast, the LG S80QR has a smaller unit, bringing it down to 4.5 kilos. Finally, the LG S675Q weighs 2.8 kilos, due to the significantly smaller subwoofer.

Another similarity shared by all three soundbars is that in all three cases, you’ll find a user manual and batteries included, as well as a wall-mounting accessory and remote control.

Power of the main unit

That is, the elongated soundbar as such. The SG95QR model achieves a power output of 810 watts, which is 620 watts for the S80QR, and 420 watts for the S65Q. However, although each soundbar has a different maximum power output, all three deliver a maximum of 83 decibels.

Subwoofer power

Now, let’s look at the maximum power output of the subwoofer, which is the largest speaker that complements the soundbar. In this case, both the LG S95QR and LG S80QR have a subwoofer that achieves 220 watts of power, while the LG S65Q’s subwoofer is only 200 watts. The difference, as you can see, is minimal.

Lg barre son_3

Sound effects

There are differences between the LG S65Q and its two rivals when it comes to the sound effects included. The simplest of the three soundbars under review has only AI Sound Pro, Game and Cinema effects.

In contrast, the LG95QR and LG80QR models have these same effects, but also add Sports, Clear Voice, Standard and Bass Blast effects.

Likewise, the S65Q only supports Dolby Digital and DTS Virtual: X, while the two recent models add support for Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced.

Which audio formats are supported?

We checked which audio formats the three bars support, and found that the two soundbars S95QR and S80QR support more audio formats than the S65Q.

In addition to Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround, MP3, WAV and WMA, they also support Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio, among others.

Synchronisation with mobile app

As far as mobile applications are concerned, it should be noted that all three bars can be connected to the LG Soundbar app, so there are no major differences in this respect.

Bluetooth, and WiFi?

One of the things that surprised us the most is that the LG S65Q does not support Wi-Fi, unlike its two rivals.

As far as Bluetooth is concerned, it is worth noting that all three bars are compatible, albeit with different versions. The LG S65Q tolerates version 4.2, while the LG S85QR and LG S80QR support up to 5.0.

LG barre son_1

Virtual assistants and shared devices

Another major differentiating issue is the ability to sync with other virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. A capability that the LG S65Q lacks. In contrast, the two newer sticks can also connect with Spotify Connect, Air Play 2 and Chromecast.

Are there price differences?

One of the mistakes we most often make is to think that the cheapest model is the best value for money, which is not the case. Among our three protagonists, the one that offers the best value for money is the LG S80QR, as it is the one with the best balance between the features it incorporates and its price.

Ranking: the most popular LG soundbars

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace, and it is also a great reference when it comes to finding references and opinions. So that you can see what other users think, we show you the list of the best-selling LG soundbars:

LG SK1D All-in-One 100W Soundbar, Black
  • One speaker in one place delivers a huge range of audio and good bass, giving you more floor space and less clutter
  • LG's unique audio enhancing technology analyses frequency levels as you listen to provide an optimum sound mix based on what you are watching
  • LG Auto Sound Engine optimizes the audio at every volume level keeping the frequencies accurate in the right places
  • Engineered with innovative audio codec’s this sound bar enables seamless connection to Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Connect to a huge range of devices via optical or USB inputs and enhance your entertainment from a variety of sources
LG Electronics Soundbar SN4 2.1 ch 300W High Res Audio Sound Bar with Bluetooth, HDMI and Optical Connectivity, Black
  • Crisp sound quality (300W 3 channels)
  • HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ideal match with LG TVs
  • Sophisticated wireless sub-woofer
LG S60Q Smart Soundbar, 300W Power & 2.1 Channels Dolby Atmos Virtual Surround Sound - Wide HDMI ARC Pass Through, Bluetooth, USB, Optical Input & Android/iOS App, Black/White
  • 300W MULTIDIRECTIONAL POWER WITH 2.1 CHANNELS. Flood any room with an extraordinary sound full of nuances
  • WRAPPING SOUND WITH DOLBY ATMOS VIRTUAL AND DOLBY DIGITAL. Sound surrounds you creating a virtual 3D immersive sensation
  • OPTIMIZES SOUND WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI. Sound adapts to content with AI Sound Pro and keeps volume stable without startles
  • IDEAL FOR GAMING. Change the bar equalization to Gaming mode. You will win every game thanks to surround sound that helps you spot your enemies
  • WIDE CONNECTIVITY. Connect it to your TV or any other wired and wireless device. HDMI ARC, optical input, Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, USB and Android / iOS App
30% OFF
LG SN5 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X
  • Original branded product
  • Two years warranty for factory defects
6% OFF
LG Electronics Eclair USE6S 3.0 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • 3.0 Channel Soundbar
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • All-in-One Design
  • 100W Total Power
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity

LG S95QR vs LG S80QR vs LG S65Q: our recommendation is…

We come to the end of the review with a pretty clear conclusion, and that is that the real battle is between the SG95QR and SG80QR. If you are looking for a budget model and that is your main criterion, you can opt for the LG65Q, although you should be aware that it has many shortcomings compared to its rivals.

However, we have to choose the one we think is most worthwhile. And, in this case, we would say the LG S80QR. Although it is not the most advanced in terms of technology or power, it seems to us to have a great balance of features and price.

It has less power than the LG S95QR, but for a standard living room, the power of the S80QR seems to us to be enough to offer an optimal experience, and its price is quite a bit cheaper.

On all other interesting features, such as Dolby Atmos compatibility, they are evenly matched. Still, the final decision is up to you, and in any of the three cases you have the quality guarantee of a reputable brand like LG.