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Dyson Vs Shark – From which of these brands will you get your new vacuum cleaner?

Dyson vs Shark

Getting stronger and stronger each day, Shark is conquering new markets around the world. But is it enough to compete with the exclusive Dyson for the leadership of the vacuum cleaners segment?

We’ll compare what they have to offer in terms of performance, technology and material, and try to figure out which one’s the best for you. And stick around, because we’re also reviewing some of their best models before sharing our surprising (or maybe not so much) conclusion.

What’s the difference between Dyson and Shark vacuum cleaners?

The most important thing to make a comparison is to look at the differences and see which has the best solutions.

1. Get to know the brands

These are two of the best brands out there when it comes to vacuum cleaners, but Dyson is considered to be the undisputed leader, with premium quality and top performance, and also with highest prices.

Shark is a growing competitor, already quite established in the USA and other english speaking countries but still conquering its space worldwide. It offers a wide range of products, for different budgets and needs, and also some high quality solutions.

2. Let’s get technical


This is usually the part where the differences are more important. Have a look at the things that define the performance of a vacuum cleaner.

2.1 Suction Power

The suction power of Dyson vacuum cleaners is legendary and has no rival, even though it’s posible to find some Shark models that are very potent as well.

2.2 Autonomy

The batteries in the vacuums from these brands are not that different – they’re both lithium ion batteries – but while Dyson models usually have around 60 minutes of power between charging, Shark models have a shorter battery duration, something they try to compensate by packing two interchangeable batteries.

2.3 Noise

If you buy a Dyson, you know it won’t be loud. The investment in acoustics that they made on the construction of their vacuums has delivered some amazing results, so this particular feature goes in favor of Dyson.

2.4 Weight

In average, Shark’s models are a bit heavier than Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaners, which usually weigh less than 7 lb, so this is another point to the british company.

2.5 Size of the tank

You can find different sizes if you search the Shark’s range of products, normally between 300 ml and 800 ml of capacity. Your choice should depend on the size of your house and on your specific needs. Dyson models have a standard 760 ml tank.


3. Do they come with any special features that deserve mentioning?

3.1 Lasers

It may surprise you, but there are vacuum cleaners with laser technology. Shark doesn’t have any, and Dyson has one: the Dyson V15 Detect, which uses a laser to detect areas that are particularly dirty and notifies the user with a green light.

3.2 Screen

In a world where everything seems to be digital, many vacuum cleaners now also incorporate digital screens to provide useful information to its users. Things like how much power it has left, the cleaning mode and other content that will help you clean better. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Shark models with screen.

3.3 Flexibility

This is kind of a big deal if you plan on using your upright vacuum cleaner to vacuum under the furniture or if it has to reach some tight spots. You’ll find Shark models with a flexible tube that will allow you to do this easily and without much effort.

As for Dyson, they do not make vacuum cleaners with a flexible tube, but they do sell an accessory, called “Low Reach”, an adapter with a self-explanatory name that will help you with the task of vacuuming the hardest spots.

3.4 LED lights

With a vacuum cleaner equiped with LED lighting you’ll be able to vacuum even in low light conditions and in dark areas, which can be quite useful. Shark has some models that come with lights, while Dyson does not.

4. Build quality

When we look at the materials and the build quality of these vacuum cleaners, we clearly see that Dyson has put a lot more effort into this particular part of their production. This is probably one of the reasons why Dyson is the more expensive brand. They use polycarbonate, which is very resistant and supports the claim that these upright cleaners can last for up to 10 years. And since Dyson doesn’t launch that many models, it will be easy to repair and find spare parts for a long time, because obsolescene is not an issue.

Being cheaper in price, Shark models are also built with weaker materials, but they’re still some of the best in the market, so you won’t be buying a low quality ítem.

5. Price

As we said before, Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are more expensive than any other brand out there, with most models costing more than 500 GBP, which is justified by the superior performance in most aspects and the quality in general.

Shark has a wide range of devices, for different budgets and different needs, ranging from 170 GBP to 500 GBP, give or take. This will give you more options and an easy way to enter the world of upright vacuum cleaners, if you already haven’t.


Dyson Vs Shark: The similarities

We now know what sets them apart, but knowing the traits they share is also important to help making a decision.

1. They are cordless

We are talking about cordless vacuum cleaners, which most of them are, nowadays.

2. They can become handheld

Almost every modern vacuum cleaner has a detachable motor that allows you to separate the body from the tube and head. This is great if you need to vacuum your car seats, for example, or a countertop. You will find models with this feature on both brands.

3. Vacuuming intensity / speed

This will vary according to the model, of course, but the most common situation is to have three different intensities or speeds, to adapt the vacuuming to the surface – a rug will need a strong suction than a wooden floor, for example.

4. Accessories, such as brushes and special heads

You will find dozens of accessories for most vacuum cleaners, and both Dyson and Shark try to make your life as easy as possible by giving you the tolos for a better cleaning: special brushes for specific surfaces, adapters for hard to reach places, extensions, and more.

Some models come with accessories, so have a look at the options available on the market with this in consideration.

5. Mopping and scrubing

Although there are some models available that can also mop, making your house even cleaner, these two brands chose not to make vacuum cleaners with this feature. Maybe they prefer to offer the best possible experience in just one function.

Let’s see some options from Dyson and from Shark

Our list will show you some of the best upright vacuum cleaners from Dyson and from Shark.

Dyson V11 Absolute


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This amazing model from Dyson will delight any user, with its fantastic power (180 aW), a battery that can run for up to 60 minutes at the lowest intensity, the 760 ml standard tank for dirt, that you can empty easily, the digital screen with the most important information, like speed, mode, charge left, etc., and the 7 accessories that come with it (for example, the corner adapter, the High Torque brush or the Electric Minibrush).

This translates into a device that is perfect for any type of house and for any surface, be it tile, wood or any other. It’s really one of the best options when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners.

Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 760 milliliters, Blue
  • Keep your home looking pristine with the Dyson V11 absolute cordless vacuum cleaner
  • With a 40% bigger bin than previous models, you won't have to worry about emptying the bin all the time either
  • Want to know how much run time is left? Need to know what power mode you're using? The handy LCD screen gives you all the information you need, including filter maintenance reminders and blockage reports
  • Cleaning the whole house is easy with a long 60 minute run time, get a deeper clean with impressively powerful suction
  • Clean easily. Breathe easily - handy features to make your home both clean and comfortable

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute


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The Cyclone V10 Absolute is somewhat inferior to the previous model, but it’s still an amazing beast, with 151 aW of power, which is really impressive. One of the main differences is that this one doesn’t have a digital screen, so you won’t have all of that nice information that the V11 can give you. But you’ll still be able to count on a battery that lasts for one hour and a 760 ml tank, more than enough for a few cleaning sessions.

This model also comes with less accessories included, but you’ll be able to buy them separately. And for the dog owners and the allergic to dust, the filter in this vacuum is really great, capturing most particles and helping to keep the air clean. Finally, the weight is also an interesting factor – with less than 6 lb, you won’t have any trouble using it and carrying it wherever it’s needed.

18% OFF
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, Large red 180846-01
  • Item height: 49.17 inches
  • Item width: 49.17 inches
  • Wattage: 49.17 inches

Shark Anti Hair Wrap TruePet (IZ201UKT)


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Now we move on to an upright vacuum cleaner from Shark that has impressed thousands of customers around the world. As the name implies, the Shark Anti Hair Wrap with TruePet is a great vacuum for households with pets, because the Anti Hair Wrap technology, which makes sure the hair doesn’t get tangled in the brush, was made with pet owners in mind (but not exclusively). It also comes with a special accessory for hair removal.

It’s also really flexible, which helps reaching under furniture or any other difficult area. It also makes it easy to bend and store without taking much space. Regarding the cleaning modes, it has three speeds, to adapt to different situations, which is great for any home. Unfortunately, the battery only lasts for 40 minutes, which will not be enough for bigger houses. This is one of the models that’s equiped with LED lights to illuminate the areas that are being cleaned, a very useful feature to clean under your bed or in the middle of the night.

28% OFF
Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ201UKT] 40 Minute Run Time*, Pet Tool, Anti Hair Wrap, Turquoise
  • Shark offers a free 5-year guarantee upon registration (2 years for batteries) & has a dedicated customer care team.
  • Up to 40 minutes run-time (In ION Power Mode, with non-motorised tool.) Charge the removable battery anywhere
  • Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, helping to keep it tangle-free
  • Perfect for carpets & hard floors, Shark's DuoClean floorhead glides across all floors drawing in large & small debris; LED headlights illuminate hidden dust
  • Flexology bends so you don't have to; Transform into a handheld vacuum: includes Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush & Upholstery Tool; Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures & traps dust & allergens

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Get Anywhere (ICZ160UK)


Check Price on Amazon

As you can see, this is also a model that makes removing hair with tangling a matter of honor, just like the previous one in this article. But this one can work for 50 minutes straight without recharging, which makes it a better choice for bigger houses. And if you worry about getting hair and dust out of the carpet, the three suction modes will help you clean all the different surfaces at your house.

On the negative side, the tank can only carry 400 ml of dirt, which means that you’ll have to empty it often. A simple task that can be a bit annoying if you have to do it in the middle of cleaning.

Just like the previous model, it uses the Anti Hair Wrap to avoid hair tangles. Additionally, its Duo Clean head is perfect for multiple surfaces, with a soft brush to drag particles in smooth surfaces and a rough brush to pull the dirt out of rugs and carpets.

49% OFF
Shark Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner [ICZ160UK] 50 Minute Run Time*, Anti Hair Wrap, Blue
  • Shark offers a free 5-year guarantee upon registration (2 years for batteries) & has a dedicated customer care team
  • Up to 50 mins run-time (In ION Power Mode, with non-motorised tool.) Charge the removable battery anywhere
  • Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, helping to keep it tangle-free
  • Perfect for carpets & hard floors, Shark's DuoClean floorhead glides across all floors drawing in large & small debris; LED headlights illuminate hidden dust
  • Go portable with Powered Lift-Away: includes 20cm Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Wide Upholstery Tool; Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures & traps dust & allergens

In short: Is it Dyson or Shark?

In the end, it really comes down to what you need and what you’re willing to pay.

Shark has a wide range of options, leaving more room for you to select, according to your budget and to your cleaning needs, with several accesories that will adapt the vacuum to the specific characteristics of your house. Got pets? Shark has a vacuum for you. Areas with difficult access? Their models with a flexible tube got you covered.

If you want only the best and most powerful vacuum cleaners, for a perfectly clean house, and that will last for many years, then Dyson should be your choice. Their models are exclusive, well built, with longer lasting batteries and much more silent.

It’s all about choosing between the best and most expensive or one that is also great and is somewhat cheaper. If you don’t feel like spending so much money, why not try the Shark Anti Hair Wrap with True Pet and Duo Clean technology?