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Dyson Vs Hoover – What separates these two cordless vacuum cleaner brands?

Dyson Vs Hoover

These are two of the world’s greatest heavyweights of all times when it comes to vacuum cleaners. But now, the time has come to find out which one is really the greatest. For that, we’ve compared both brands, their main specs, and we’ve looked at some of the best models that they have on the market.

After checking their differences and similarities, will we be able to decide on the winner? Also, if you’re serious about buying a stick vacuum cleaner, don’t miss out on some of the best offers available.

The differences between Dyson and Hoover vacuum cleaners

First, we need to look at the differences between these two brands: what makes them unique?; What’s the most important factor when deciding?

1) Let’s look at the brands

If you’re not super young, you’ve surely heard about Hoover, which was the main name in vacuum cleaners for a long, long time. In fact, hoover has become a verb for vacuuming. But then Dyson showed up. Until that moment, Hoover was the most reliable brand, having released a great range of devices for many different needs, since their foundation in 1908.

Currently, Dyson has taken the lead in this market, being the name that most people will recall when asked about vacuum cleaners. The innovative nature of this brand has placed them in a great position, from where they’ve started expanding to other products as well.

2) The main specs

How do these brands equip their products to face the increasingly challenging task of cleaning a home?

2.1) Suction Power, of course

Being two of the main brands when it comes to vacuuming, their devices are definitely potent, but Dyson is far ahead in this regard. In fact, the Dyson V15 Detect can reach 230 Air Watts (aW) of power, which no Hoover can reach.

2.2) How long does the battery last?

Most Dyson models have a lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 60 minutes, which is quite decent for a cordless device. The Hoovers can’t run for so long before recharging, but some models do come with a replacement battery.


2.3) Tank capacity

This specification is very much dependent on the model. Hoover vacuum cleaners can go from a 450 ml tank up to a 1 L tank, while Dyson models have a 760 ml of tank capacity.

2.4) Noise volume

There’s no discussion here – the Dysons are well known for their low level of noise, which is achieved by using a great amount of technology. Hoover vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, have improved, but are still not a match for the new market leader.

3) Some models have a few extras

3.1) Can they mop and scrub?

Some Hoover models, like the Hoover H-Free 500 Hydro Plus, can. They include a mop that adds this feature to the vacuum cleaner. Dyson doesn’t have any model that includes the mopping feature.

3.2) Are they flexible?

We have to say that they are not very flexible. In fact, Hoover doesn’t have any model with a flexible tubing, and the same goes for Dyson. To help a little bit, Dyson has an accessory called “Low Reach” to make it easier to reach for harder places.

3.3) LED lights

There are no Dyson models with LED lighting, while some Hoovers include this feature. It’s very useful for darker places, to clean under the furniture or to detect the less visible dirt.


3.4) – Do they use lasers?

There’s only one model (the Dyson V15 Detect) that uses laser technology to detect areas that are specially dirty, illuminating them with a bright green light.

4) Materials

Another point for Dyson. When you buy a Dyson, made with polycarbonate, you know that it’s expected to last for up to 10 years. They are known for having less obsolescence than many other brands and for launching new models every two years or so, which also means that it will be easy to find replacement parts or repair your vacuum if needed.

Being cheaper, the Hoover models don’t present the same quality in the materials – they’re usually made of plastic and aluminum. This brand releases more models than Dyson, making the previous models obsolete faster.

5) Last, but not least: price

Looking at all the differences between the two brands and knowing that Dyson is the market leader, it’s no surprise that their prices are much higher. Most of their current models cost more than 600 EUR.

Hoover, on the other hand, has a wider range of prices and options for all budgets. You can find a Hoover vacuum cleaner starting from 100 EUR and going up to 400 EUR.

Dyson Vs Hoover: they also share some things

Ok, we’re done with the differences, so let’s move on to the things they have in common.

1) They’re cordless

Yes, we’re looking at cordless vacuum cleaners, which are so much easier to use than the old clunky models.

2) They’re handheld

Almost all models have the ability to detach the top part, which carries the motor, and use that as a handheld vacuum cleaner. This is great to reach higher places, table tops, couches, etc.


3) They weigh the same

All the models from these brands are never heavier than 3,5 Kg, which makes them quite easy to handle.

4) They have levels of suction

You’ll be able to set the level of suction while vacuuming, making it much more efficient.

5) They have screens

The newer models do have a small screen that tells you a lot of useful information, like the battery level or the current level of suction, while helping you with adjusting the settings.

6) They have different types of brushes and other accessories

You’ll find many types of accessories for your vacuum cleaner, such as extension hoses, special brushes for different needs (delicate surfaces, dirtier zones), tools for crevices, and many others.

For specific information regarding this topic, you should look at each specific model – some accessories are included, while others need to be bought separately.

Some of the best Dyson and Hoover vacuum cleaners

We’ve established what makes them different and we’ve seen what you’ll be able to find in both brands. Now it’s time to look at specific models and see what they can bring to your house.

Dyson V11 absolute

Let’s start strong. The Dyson V11 absolute is an absolute beast and a best seller from Dyson. It works amazingly on rugs, due to its adapted head, and its able to collect the smallest dirt particles – up to 99,97%, according to the brand. It has 2 times the power of the average models, which means it will clean better, more efficiently and faster (time is of the essence). And, on top of all this, it’s light and easy to handle. A perfect solution if you’re looking for top performance.

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Another great solution for deep, fast and efficient cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has everything you’ll need: a strong suction power, due to its potent motor and the 14 cyclones; a filtering system that captures almost 100% of particles and eliminates acarus (great for allergies); a tank that can be emptied with a click of a button.


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Hoover H-Free 500 Pets Energy (HF522PTE)

Another option that is super easy to handle and makes cleaning a simpler task. Its light weight (2,4 Kg), the swivel neck for up to 180º rotation and the LED lights that help in finding the dirtier places will make your life easier. The tank is small (only 450 ml), so if you have a big house it might not be enough for several cleaning sessions.

But the transparent body and the cyclonic separation system make it very efficient. This, combined with a battery that can last for 80 minutes of operation and 2 different speeds, means that you’ll get value for money with this Hoover. Also, if your house has many rugs and/or pets, this model is great for you, because the special brush is perfect for the task of removing dirt and hair from any kind of surface.


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Hoover H-Free 800 (HF822LHC)

The Hoover H-Free 800 is a great solution if you’re looking for a handy vacuum cleaner for small spaces or a quick cleaning – the battery running time is only 30 minutes and it recharges in under 5 hours. The tank has a 700 ml capacity, which is adequate for a device like this, and can be emptied with a very simple system that helps you avoid getting dust and dirt on your hands. You can count on 12.000 Pa (Pascals) of power and 3 different speeds, for different surfaces and levels of dirt (there’s a silent mode, which is great if you don’t like noise).

You’ll also have front lighting to easily identify areas with dirt and particles and a LED screen with information about the remaining battery and the power being used. This model comes with several accessories, for a perfectly clean house: the furniture brush; the intense floor brush, perfect for rugs; the dust and corners brush, to remove the last particle from any difficult area; and even an adapter to vacuum your car seats and mats.


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Hoover Freedom FD22L

If you’re on a budget when looking for a vacuum cleaner, take a look at the Hoover Freedom, one of the cheapest options around. It’s not great if you have a big house or if you need a deep cleaning, but it’s perfect if you want a vacuum to clean specific areas or to complement a more general cleaning session. The battery only last for 25 minutes, it weighs 2,3 Kg and has a 700 ml tank – more than enough for a quick sweep of the kitchen or to collect those breadcrumbs from your living room floor. It comes with a wall stand to make it accessible at any time.


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Hoover H-Free 700 Pets XL HF722HCG

As the name suggests, this model is perfect if you have pets at home. With its special brush, you’ll be able to remove animal hair from any kind of surface: rug, couch, bed, pillow, ceramics, furniture (it comes with a specific accessory to use in furniture and an extensible tuve for higher places), and a large etc.

The battery can run for 35 minutes straight and its tank has a volume of 700 ml. You’ll have access to 4 power modes – continuous (for normal vacuuming), all floors (for different surfaces), turbo (for dirtier places or rugs with hair) and silent (when a strong suction isn’t needed). Lastly, this vacuum has a screen to check the battery and the power mode and LED lights on the nozzle, to light up the way.


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Do we have a winner? Is it Dyson or Hoover?

Each brand wins in a different competition. If you value great quality and high performance above all else, then Dyson should be your choice. They provide a selection of state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners that last longer, are more silent and clean better than any rival.

But if you have a specific need and a certain type of cleaner in mind, Hoover might have the answer. Their range is much wider, with a lot of different options (including vacuum cleaners with mop), and, especially, with a lower price when compared to Dyson.

Ok, if you’re still reading, you’re probably interested in knowing our final answer. Here it is: if price is not an issue, Dyson vacuums are the best option. If you don’t want to spend that much money, but still want a great solution, then you’ll be perfectly served with a Hoover, like the H-Free 500 Hydro Plus, that combines a good Price with 4 power levels and LED lights, among other things.


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