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Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11 – Which Dyson cordless hoover should we choose?

Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11

When we think of cordless hoovers, we think of Dyson. The brand’s high reputation in this segment means that it is very well positioned thanks to the quality products it offers. However, this translates into a generally high price, which means that we have to take a much closer look at what we need to know which model is the most suitable. Today we compare two alternatives that, despite being from the same brand, have relevant differences: Dyson V15 vs Dyson V11. Find out what they are!

Which versions will you find?

Before we delve into the details, it’s worth noting that you can choose between different versions of each model:

Dyson V15: you can choose between the Detect Absolute, Detect Absolute Extra and Detect Complete Extra versions. The main differences are the number of accessories (9, 11 and 13 respectively) and the range of use.
Dyson V11: in this case, there is only one version, Dyson V11 Absolute.

Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11

Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11: buying guide

We start by highlighting the most significant differences and similarities between these two cordless hoovers, so you can check which one best suits your needs:

Aesthetics and design

Dyson maintains a very similar visual line in all its models, which are usually differentiated by changing the colour of the metal tube. Most designs have bright, vivid colours, almost always with a metallic touch.

On the other hand, both hoovers weigh around 3 kilograms and have very homogenous measurements.

Maximum achievable power

This is undoubtedly one of the main features that Dyson has improved, the suction power.

In the case of the two hoovers we are analysing, we can see the first difference. The suction power of the Dyson V15 reaches a level of 240 airWatts (aW) thanks to its Hyperdymium motor, up from the 185 aW of the Dyson V11. Please note that this parameter may vary depending on the V11 model you choose (Animal Plus or Absolute).

Power rating refers to the force exerted by the motor itself to operate, and is usually measured in watts. Suction power, on the other hand, measures the force of the tube to suck up the dirt. The relationship between the two is not necessarily proportional, i.e. the suction power can be very high even if the rated power is not so high.

Finally, with regard to the motor, with cyclonic technology, in both cases it rotates at 125,000 rpm maximum, so the real difference will be perceived in the suction capacity.

Adjustable power and good autonomy

The autonomy of use is another of the most important elements in any cordless hoover. In this respect, both the Dyson V15 and the Dyson V11 offer very similar run times of around 60 minutes.

However, run time will depend on the power level you select. Both vacuums offer 3 modes: standard, turbo and eco. The 60 minutes run time corresponds to the eco mode, which is the most efficient mode.

Total tank capacity

Cordless hoovers tend to have a smaller tank capacity than other types of hoovers, as the body is thinner and has less surface area. However, Dyson is above average in this respect.

If you’re expecting to find a difference in the size of the canister on the Dyson V15 versus the Dyson V11, you won’t. The company hasn’t made any changes in this area either. The company hasn’t made any changes in this respect either, and has kept the capacity of the two tanks at 760 millilitres.

For a broom hoover, this is not bad, as it is a much larger size than other brands such as Conga or Rowenta, where it is easier to find 500-600 ml tanks.

Filtration system

Last but not least, we talk about the filtration system. The type of filter a hoover has is always important, but especially if there are people at home who are sensitive to allergens.

Both the Dyson V15 and the Dyson V11 include a high efficiency HEPA filter, capable of retaining 99% of micro particles down to 0.3 microns in size. And, as recommended by the brand, it’s a good idea to wash the filter about once a month.

Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11_2

Variety of brushes

Don’t forget that we are dealing with two 2-in-1 hoovers. That is to say, they work as a broom hoover and also as a handheld hoover, which shows the enormous versatility they have. However, there are some important differences when it comes to their main accessories.

The main head in both cases is the High Torque, which works by means of DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor) technology. This system is able to automatically adjust the power needed on each type of floor according to its characteristics and the level of dirt.

In contrast, the Dyson V15 is once again ahead of its smaller sibling with the addition of Slim Fluffy Laser, a lens that diffuses laser light in a fan-shaped pattern to increase the visibility of fine particles on hard floors.

As a result, the laser extends the field of view downwards by 1.5° and extends 7.3 mm. The green colour increases the contrast within the range of shades seen by the eye, so you see fine particles you would otherwise miss.

The advantages of the Dyson V15 don’t stop there. In addition to the laser head, the Dyson V15 adds another cone-shaped brush head designed to suck up pet hair. Finally, it improves on the Dyson V11’s existing corner light by adding an LED light to illuminate the darkest corners.

Screen addition

Another feature they share is the presence of a digital display, which is one of the most recognisable factors of the Dyson, although here we can see some differences.

  • The Dyson V11 has an LCD screen on which you can see the battery status, the power level you’ve chosen, and updates and maintenance alerts.
  • The Dyson V15’s display, on the other hand, has a higher level of sophistication. In addition to the elements that you can also see on the Dyson V11, the new version also lets you see what kind of particles it has vacuumed up, thanks to a built-in sensor. This information is displayed in a comparative bar graph format that also measures particle size.

Added features

It is fair to say that both have a wide range of technological features that make them stand out from their competitors. However, once again, we choose between the good and the excellent.

The Dyson V15 retains many of the extra features that the Dyson V11 already has. This is the case with the detachable battery, the easy emptying system avoiding physical contact with dirt and the presence of a charging base and a wall bracket for storing the hoover.

However, the Dyson V15 adds a number of additional features that, in general terms, give it greater technological precision. For example, the latest model incorporates the Piezo sensor, an acoustic sensor capable of measuring particle size 15,000 times per second.

It does this by converting the acoustic vibrations of the particles into electrical signals. This system facilitates the automatic adjustment of suction power when there are higher concentrations of dust, thus optimising performance and energy efficiency.

Value for money

It will not surprise you to know that the British company is one of the most expensive brands on the market today, due to the excellent quality and performance of its products.

When comparing either of the two models we are analysing with other similar models from the competition, you will see that they are more expensive in both cases.

In addition, the technological superiority that the Dyson V15 boasts over the V11 also translates into the price, which is significantly higher.

Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11_5

Dyson V15 Vs Dyson V11: The better choice is…

The Dyson V15 is ahead of its little sister in every respect. While they share some features, such as battery life and tank size, the V15 offers more advanced options. For example, the LED light head for viewing invisible particles or the acoustic sensor that measures the size of dust particles.

In terms of sophistication and innovation, the Dyson V15 would win the battle. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most worthwhile. As we’ve said, which one is right for you will depend on your search criteria and what your needs are.

If you can’t raise the budget ceiling that high, the Dyson V11 is an excellent model that offers better performance than many competing vacuums.

But, if you don’t mind paying the difference to benefit from the brand’s more advanced features, the decision would lean towards the V15. What we can say is that whatever you choose, you’ll get it right.

These are the most popular Dyson

In case you are still not sure which Dyson to buy, we show you the ranking of the top five best sellers on Amazon, the world’s largest distribution platform. Here you can see the buying experiences of other users.

23% OFF
Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Purple, Medium
  • Up to 30 minutes runtime
  • 75% more brush bar power than the V6 cord free
  • Converts to handheld in moments with additional tools
  • Easy storage with hygienic bin emptying
  • Cordless cleaning for homes with pets
8% OFF
Dyson V8ANIMAL V8 Animal Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple
  • 41 minute run time - suitable for larger homes
  • 2.61 kg - very light weight
  • Push-button bin emptying - for easy emptying
  • Mini motorised tool to help pick up pet hair and ground in dirt
  • Free crevice tool
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Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ202UK] Up to 40 mins run-time, Flexology, Electric Blue
  • ANTI HAIR WRAP TECHNOLOGY: Removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, helping to keep it tangle-free
  • UP TO 40 MINS RUN-TIME*: Charge the removable battery anywhere. (*In ION power mode, with non-motorised tool.)
  • REACH, CHARGE & STORE ANYWHERE: Flexology wand bends so you don't have to & folds for compact, freestanding storage
  • PERFECT FOR HOMES WITH PETS: Includes Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Accessory Bag, Battery Pack & Charger. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal.
  • SHARK GUARANTEE: Shark offers a 5 year guarantee (upon registration, 2 years for battery) & has a dedicated customer care team
Dyson V10 226397-01, Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 33.8 W, 0.76 liters, 87 Decibeles
  • Powered by the Dyson Digital Motor V10 with 20% more suction power compared to Dyson Absolute V8 and a longer battery life for cleaning throughout the house
  • Nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery with a uniform consumption of the battery power for up to 60 minutes running time (Applicable in the suction mode 1 without top with direct drive)
  • Light and versatile. For easy cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Improved hygienic emptying container with only one hand: The purified chemically etched sieve transports more particles in the container and is surrounded by a stripper mechanism silicone
  • abstain Adapter - UK version
Dyson 330V10ABSOLUTE+ V10 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner-Grey and Red, Plastic (Renewed)
  • FREE Flexi Crevice Tool
  • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V10 for powerful suction
  • 14 cyclones to capture dirt and debris
  • Fade-free suction thanks to the 7-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery