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DeLonghi vs Krups | Which brand makes the best automatic coffee machine?

DeLonghi vs Krups

DeLonghi vs Krup

We’re obviously talking about two of the best brands out there when it comes to automatic coffee machines, so it’s not easy to decide between the two.

This article will compare DeLonghi with Krups, as well as some of their models, to give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your home. We’ll see which features they share, which makes each of them unique and we’ll give you our own thoughts, so stick around!

DeLonghi Vs Krups: What’s the same and what’s different between them?

We’re talking about two big names, but DeLonghi does have a greater reputation worldwide when it comes to automatic coffee machines, with a large experience in the market and an incredible amount of happy customers. Krups, on the other hand, is also a well-known brand that is conquering its place in the market.

DeLonghi makes coffee machines that are usually smaller and compact, taking less precios space in a kitchen. Krups has the advantage of being more budget-friendly and of having many more design options.

But there are key differences that you should take into consideration.

1. Sistema Tubeless | DeLonghi

The superautomatic coffee makers have their own coffee grinder, which is why their coffee is so good. And the coffee machines from DeLonghi use what they call the Tubeless system to make sure that you’re grinding the freshest coffee.

This system helps preventing that the dust from grinding the coffee sticks to the grinder. This means that you won’t be grinding coffee from yesterday (or days before) when grinding your morning coffee.

DeLonghi vs Krup

2. Which brand has the best range?

If we look at the breadth of range that each of these brands offer, we would almost have a tie, because even though DeLonghi has more models – they’re an older brand, after all -, Krups also has a very wide range to choose from, so this doesn’t help that much.

As for the price, Krups is in general a little bit cheaper, but not so much as to be a key factor, and this actually changes a lot if we’re talking about top of the range or not. We need to look at other features from these brands to find out which one makes the best automatic coffee machines.

3. Design is important

You don’t want a big and ugly piece of equipment filling up space in your kitchen, do you? These automatic coffee makers are not small, mainly because they include a coffee grinder and a water tank, but they are getting smaller and smaller. Not comparable to the pod coffee machines, of course, but you also can’t compare the coffee quality.

Besides, they don’t have to be ugly. DeLonghi follows the tradition of professional coffee machines, with simple designs and straight lines, while Krups has a much more modern design and cool colours. Which one do you prefer?

4. Special features that you can find

We’ve established that both these brands make some great automatic coffee machines, but let’s see a few of the things that make them stand out.

The maintenance on these machines is not a big deal: cleaning them is easy and they use pressure to limit limescale build-up. They will also let you know if there’s something wrong or if it’s time to decalcify.

The superautomatic models have a precise and reliable grinding system that will guarantee that your coffee is fresh and tasty, every time. But we should add that DeLonghi has more settings for the expert coffee lovers.

DeLonghi vs Krups

Most of these models are able to heat up really fast and to keep a controlled temperature at all times, which is fundamental for a great coffee. And last, but not least, they fulfill the needs of any espresso lover, because some models have between 15 and 21 bar pressure, the perfect amount for a perfect espresso. Basically, they can make great coffee and have special features that separate them from the rest, so you won’t be disappointed.

5. How much do automatic coffee makers from DeLonghi and Krups cost?

The prices range from 250 GBP to 1700 GBP, so as you can see, there are options for every pocket. But obviously, quality is (usually) directly proportional to the price. In any case, if you take your time and look for the right information, you might be able to save a few quid.

Do you need the milk tank or are you OK with adding the milk afterwards? Do you want a digital touch screen to schedule your coffee and grind it just when you wake up? Do you need 10 different types of grinding? Find out what you really need and make sure you buy a coffee machine with the right characteristics.

Some of our favourite automatic coffee machines from DeLonghi and Krups

Let’s look at our top selection for automatic coffee makers from these brands. You’ll see what each can offer and you’ll be able to compare them to make the best choice possible.

DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM 20.110.B – Choose the aroma you want with this compact coffee maker

De'Longhi Magnifica S, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, ECAM22.110.B, 1.8 liters,Black [Amazon Exclusive]

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A small but powerful coffee maker, it really is “Magnifica”, even though it’s a very simple machine, without any advanced technology like others on this list. But the fact is that it can make a really good coffee, be it espresso or anything else, and it doesn’t cost as much as other automatic coffee machines on this list.

It’s really hard to find a coffee machine that lets you adjust the intensity of an espresso with just the twist of a dial, defining exactly how many millimeters of coffee you want in your cup. You also have 13 (yes, thirteen) different levels of grinding in a conical steel grinder that will give you the exactness that you want on your freshly grinded coffee.

It’s also very easy to keep this machine working properly, because it has its own cleaning, rinse and descaling systems, and they’re all automatic, so that’s a lot less work for you. Just enjoy your coffee!

In addition to all this, DeLonghi uses the Termoblock system in this coffee machine, and this system heats up the water to the desired temperature in less than 40 seconds. And if you’re a fan of cappuccino or other creamy coffee drinks, there’s a milk frother that will give that professional touch to your creations.

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De'Longhi Magnifica S, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, ECAM22.110.B, 1.8 liters,Black [Amazon Exclusive]
  • SIMPLE TOUCH OPERATION: Automatic Coffee Machine Espresso and Cappuccino with Bean-to-cup quality and a soft touch control panel; brew two cups simultaneously with this De’Longhi machine
  • MILK FROTHER: The Magnifica S combines steam, air and milk to produce a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos or lattes
  • SILENT GRINDER: This Coffee machine has a silent Integrated grinder with 13 settings; can be used with either Coffee beans or ground Coffee
  • HOME COMFORT: Slim and elegant design of a coffee machine for barista-quality coffee at home
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The carafe comes with an integrated clean function; after beverage preparation, all parts in contact with milk are automatically washed with hot water and steam

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite Experience (ECAM 650.85.MS) – 13 different grind modes available

De'Longhi Primadonna Elite Experience ECAM650.85.MS Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel, 1450 W, 1 Liter, Silver [Energy Class A]

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Now we’re moving up the scale and reaching a near professional level. This DeLonghi automatic coffee machine has a coffee grinder with 13 levels of grinding and the option of using grinded coffee, which might be very useful for certain beverages. With this coffee maker you can make two coffees at once and create creamy beverages with its milk frother. It also has a handy tray for drops, a milk tank, cup indicator lights and you can adjust the flow of water to make it just as you like.

But there’s a surprise… You’ll be able to remotely make your fresh coffee, be it in the morning when you wake up or right after lunch from the comfort of your sofa. Yes, this coffee machine has Bluetooth connectivity and an app that you can download on your phone. This is one of the features that makes it so expensive, but it’s a really cool one.

And if someone’s not into coffee, you can also make some hot chocolate and cold drinks! This really is a spectacular coffee machine and the price is also impressive, but we can only say that this type of quality isn’t cheap.

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De'Longhi Primadonna Elite Experience ECAM650.85.MS Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel, 1450 W, 1 Liter, Silver [Energy Class A]
  • App-controlled Bluetooth coffee maker
  • Makes iced drinks as well as hot
  • Fully programmable touchscreen
  • Select, customize and store all your favourite drinks

Krups EA8108 – It’s really use to use

Krups EA8108 fully automatic coffee machine (automatic cleaning, 2-cup function, milk system with CappucinoPlus nozzle, 15 bar, coffee machine, espresso, coffee machine) black [Energy Class A]

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Moving on to Krups, we’ll start with one of the best sellers from this brand. Its low price, small size and a few options to personalise your coffee make it a great candidate if you’re not looking for something professional, but rather a budget-friendly coffee maker with a good value for money.

It has a small tank of water and its use is very simple, which makes it perfect for people who are not experts in coffee making and who don’t drink a lot of coffee. But it does have 3 different levels of grinding that are easy to select, a frother that you can use to warm your milk or make cappuccinos and several automatic programs to clean and descale your machine.

But there’s more. You can also choose how much coffee you get in each cup, depending if you want it short or long, more or less intense, which is much better than what some other coffee machines can do. And it’s great for espressos, because it has 15 bar of pressure, an ideal value for this type of coffee.

Krups Evidence Plus (EA894T40) – One of the best when it comes to pressure

Krups EA894T40 Evidence Plus Bean to Cup, Coffee Machine, Automatic, Espresso, 1450 W, 2.3 liters, Titanium

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The Krups EA8948 Evidence Plus is a beautiful machine and you can see that the brand has put a lot of work and care into building this well designed piece of coffee making. But there’s more to it than a great design – it also makes great coffee. You can prepare almost any type of coffee or beverage, and you can adjust the intensity to make it just as you like it, with the help of the metal conical grinder that makes grinding super precise. This is great to impress friends and family with the right drink for each person!

If you want to get technical, it also has three levels of temperature and it does heat up quite fast, which is important in these busy times. You’ll find presets for 16 different coffee drinks and 3 kinds of tea (black, green and infusions), to make life easier, and because not all of us are experts in making coffee. And you can even make two different preparations at once.

It’s not a compact device, weighing almost 18 pounds, and it’s not small, measuring 24 x 37,2 x 36,3 cm. It includes a milk tank in stainless steel and a coffee beans reservoir. We’re talking about a really fast automatic coffee machine that makes good use of its 15 bar pressure to make amazing espressos and other drinks. After that, you can use the automatic cleaning programme or the descaling programme to keep your machine sharp and working properly.

Krups EA894T40 Evidence Plus Bean to Cup, Coffee Machine, Automatic, Espresso, 1450 W, 2.3 liters, Titanium
  • Innovative double function to brew two milk-based drinks or espresso at once
  • 19 preset customizable drinks, including three new milk recipes
  • Intuitive XL OLED colour touch interface with six one-touch drinks for effortless results
  • Krups Quattro force technology for flawless coffee, four ways
  • Generous capacities: 2.3L water tank and 260g bean container

OK, do we have an answer? Is it DeLonghi or Krups?

All of the four models analysed here are fantastic coffee machines that will not let you down – and this goes for almost any model from DeLonghi or Krups, because these brands know what they’re doing.

We tried to make a selection that gives you a few different options in terms of cost and performance. But with any of these machines, you’ll have great coffee at home, be it espresso, cappuccino, milk coffee or any other coffee beverage that you can imagine (and even tea). So, how should you decide?

Have a look at all the features and think how they can affect your daily life and your consumption of coffee. Check your budget and see which model fits better with that. Krups coffee machines are probably best suited for new customers of automatic coffee makers, while DeLonghi, having more customisation options, are ideal for people with experience in coffee making at home. DeLonghi is also considered to be a more exclusive and premium brand.

If price is a fundamental factor, then Krups is probably what you need – and you’ll still get a great coffee machine. Besides, you’ll have many more design options!