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Conga 4690 Ultra vs 3890 Ultra vs 2290 Ultra Home – Guide to choosing the best mid-range robot hoover

Conga 4690 Ultra vs 3890 Ultra vs 2290 Ultra Home

Do you need a robot hoover with innovative technological features that is not too simple but not too expensive? We have the solution! In this article we compare the performance of three options from Cecotec that are characterised by their excellent value for money. We are referring to the Conga 4690 Ultra vs 3890 Ultra vs 2290 Ultra Home, three mid-range robot hoovers that have many differences between them, despite being from the same company. Don’t miss out on the details!

Conga 4690 Ultra Vs 3890 Ultra Vs 2290 Ultra Home: How to choose the best robot hoover for you

We know how difficult it is to choose between three robot hoovers that are in a similar price range and between which there are so many aspects to take into account. To try to help you, we have summarised the main key points in this section.

1) Versatility features

Some robot hoovers not only offer excellent suction performance, but also incorporate other functionalities that multiply their potential.

Three scrubbing levels

All the protagonists in this comparison are versatile, and in addition to vacuuming, they also scrub. In all three cases we find the iWater system, which allows the robot to adjust the water flow in three levels, thus optimising water consumption.

In the case of the Conga 4690 Ultra and 3890 Ultra, they also have Scrubbing mode, a back-and-forth movement that increases scrubbing efficiency.

Tank sizes

The Conga 4690 Ultra and 3890 Ultra have a mixed tank combining 570 ml for solid waste and 270 ml for the liquid tank in the case of the 4690, which is reduced to 500 ml and 200 ml respectively in the case of the 3890.

The Conga 2290 Ultra Home, on the other hand, is equipped with two separate tanks, a 350 ml tank for solids and a 200 ml tank for liquids. To this must be added the extra capacity thanks to the 2-litre self-emptying base bag.

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2) Suction 

Next, we will talk about the features that are focused on assessing how each robot hoover performs in terms of suction efficiency.

Suction power regulation

Suction power, which refers to the robot’s ability to suck up debris, is another key element. The Conga 4690 Home reaches 2700 Pascals, compared to 2300 Pascals for the Conga 3890 Ultra and 2100 Pascals for the Conga 2290 Ultra Home.

In addition, all three robots have the ability to adjust the power as needed. The difference is that the 4690 Ultra and 3890 Ultra models have 4 speeds, compared to the 2290 Ultra Home’s 3 speeds.

Final Cleaning System

This is a feature found only on the Conga 4690 Ultra and 3890 Ultra. This is Final Cleaning, a cleaning movement that the robot performs at the end of the process to prevent it from reaching the charging base with dust on the brush.

Jalisco and BestFriend Care, two proprietary brushes

Cecotec is one of the companies that patents its own brushes, which gives it a unique and personal character.

For this reason, all robots are equipped with the Jalisco brush for hard floors. This brush is made of two materials and is motorised, so its microfibres capture all types of particles and debris more effectively.

In addition, all three models are also equipped with the BestFriend Care brush, made of silicone and specially designed to suck up your pet’s hair without tangling it.

3) Navigation and route planning

Not all robot vacuums move in the same way, nor do they all offer the same level of vacuuming optimisation or customisation of settings.

Type of travel

The navigation system is one of the fundamental parts of any robot hoover. In this case, the Conga 2290 Ultra Home relies on a gyroscopic navigation system, the SmartGyro 4.0 technology.

Although it is quite precise, it does not reach the excellence of the other two models, which move by means of a laser system, iTech Laser 360. Thanks to this technology, they perform a laser scan of the space they are going to work on, which gives them much greater precision and accuracy.

Virtual and interactive mapping

All of the robots featured in this review can create maps, but only two have the ability to store them. The Conga 4690 Ultra and 3890 Ultra generate interactive maps and, thanks to the Interactive MultiMap system, can store up to 5 different maps.

The Conga 2290 Ultra Home, on the other hand, is equipped with Virtual Map, and creates a new map each time it runs. This map, which it will refine as the cleaning progresses and which you can view on the app, is not interactive.

Intelligent room management

In line with the previous point, it is important to know that the Conga 4690 Ultra and 3890 Ultra models have Room Plan 2.0, an intelligent room management system.

You can manage up to 50 different and personalised cleaning plans for each room via the mobile app. You can also set the cleaning order and a different mode for each room.

4) Time of use

In this case, we analyse two key aspects related to the autonomy and independence of the robot: the battery life and the self-emptying station.

Self-draining station

The Conga 2290 Ultra Home is the first Cecotec robot with a built-in self-emptying station, in which the robot empties the waste automatically. This base has a hygienic 2-litre capacity bag, so you can forget about emptying it for weeks. The self-emptying base also acts as a charging base.

Battery life time

The battery life of the robots is another decisive criterion for many users, and here the Conga 4690 Ultra clearly stands out from its rivals.

This model can run for 300 minutes, doubling the 160 and 150 minutes of autonomy of the Conga 3890 Ultra and 2290 Ultra Home, respectively. It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the longest running robots on the market.

5) Additional features

In addition to everything we have pointed out, let us show you some extra technological features that we consider very interesting.

Only Silence Technology

If you are one of those people who activate the robot hoover first thing in the morning or at night, you will be interested to know that all three Cecotec models have Only Silence technology. This means that they do not exceed 64 decibels of sound power, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours with noise.

App connectivity

One of the main advantages offered by robot hoovers is the option to configure them remotely from your smartphone. This is thanks to a mobile app which, in this case, is compatible with all three models.

Through the app you can check the robot’s status at that moment, programme the cleaning, change the selected mode, manage the particularities in each room, check the battery level, etc.

Synchronisation with virtual assistants

Another of the technologies common to all three robots is Virtual Voice, with which you can synchronise them with the virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. In this way, they will recognise the order you transmit to them directly by speaking and will send the order to the robot so that it can carry it out.

Conga 4690 Ultra vs 3890 Ultra vs 2290 Ultra Home_1

What is the value for money?

We have to be honest, and none of the three robots are very expensive compared to other robots with similar characteristics. It’s also worth noting that the Conga 2290 Ultra Home comes with a self-emptying station, a feature that the two rivals lack.

The Conga 3890 Ultra is the cheaper robot, and probably the best value for money. Still, we recommend you keep an eye out for cheap deals on both Amazon and Cecotec.

Conga 4690 Ultra Vs 3890 Ultra Vs 2290 Ultra Home: the bottom line

There is no single perfect robot hoover, it depends on what aspects are most important to you. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to define the priority that each criterion has for you. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the right choice. However, we are going to give you our opinion in case you find it useful.

If we focus on the technical features, the Conga 4690 Ultra is the most advanced model of the three, although it is not the most advanced of the entire Cecotec range. It achieves more power and double the range of its two rivals, although its price is higher.

It is also important to note that the Conga 3890 Ultra improves on the performance of the Conga 2290 Ultra Home, both in suction power and in navigation intelligence and interactivity. It is also the cheapest of the three models, which is a plus. However, if you are looking for a robot with a self-emptying station, the Conga 2290 Ultra Home is your choice. However, its navigation is gyroscopic, less precise than the laser.

In short, our recommendation is that, if you are able to take advantage of an economic offer, you should choose the Conga 4690 Ultra, which is the most outstanding in terms of performance and functionalities. If you don’t get a good deal, the best value for money is the Conga 3890 Ultra. In both cases, as long as you don’t prioritise the addition of the self-emptying base.

Which are Cecotec’s best-selling robot hoovers?

If you want to know which options other users of Amazon, the world’s largest distribution and sales platform, have chosen, here is a list of the top sellers:

Cecotec Conga 950 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4 in 1 Multifunctional iTech Space Smart Navigation 5 Modes with Remote Control
  • Professional 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: sweeps, vacuums, mops and cleans the floor. Force Implode System: Powerful turbine maximizes high suction power up to 1400 Pa. It has 3 power levels (Eco, Normal and Turbo) and 5 cleaning modes: Auto, Edges, Room, Spiral and Back to Base.
  • iTech Space technology with smart and orderly navigation with proximity sensors, shockproof and anti-drop. It fits totally in your home by cleaning under furniture, detecting obstacles and avoiding falling down stairs. Purifies the air with its EPA filter capable of retaining allergens and dust.
  • The robot that cleans the floor for you! Its Wash4You system allows you to mop and clean the floor by simply installing the liquid tank. Intelligent cleaning thanks to the electronic valve that doses and distributes the water evenly Its Twin Floor fabric is made with two materials to achieve a perfect cleaning on any type of surface.
  • Thanks to the turbo clean carpet system that activates the turbo mode on the mats. It reaches all corners thanks to its 2 side brushes. It has 2 large capacity tanks, one for 350ml dust and one for 200ml liquids. Quiet cleaning thanks to its only silent technology.
  • All-TimeTable system to program the robot 24/7 from the wireless remote control with LCD display. The robot automatically returns to the charging base when it finishes cleaning. The robot has a 14.4 V 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. With a battery life of 160 minutes.
Cecotec Conga Serie 3090 Robot vacuum cleaner with professional laser mapping 4 in 1: sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub the entire surface
  • ITech Laser 360 smart navigation. The robot scans and maps your home for 360º recognition. Plan the fastest, most efficient, orderly and intelligent route of cleaning each room of your home. This innovative technology makes the Conga 3090 series an extremely intelligent robot.
  • Twin Floor mop of two materials for professional cleaning on all types of surfaces.
  • Compatible with virtual voice assistant: Thanks to its new VirtualVoice technology you can connect the robot to the virtual voice control assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Schedule it weekly with your Smartphone APP, easily control the robot, view the history with the cleaning area and time, check the interactive map through laser technology, detect the charging base, establish a restricted area, cleaning areas and punctual cleaning.
  • Select the cleaning mode of a point to send the robot to a specific place on the map where you want it to do a deep cleaning, for example, under the bed or table.