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Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital – Combining efficiency, value and versatility

Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital

If you are looking for a robot hoover for everyday use and don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money, we recommend you read this review. In it we compare three models from the Spanish company Cecotec that will satisfy this dual need: Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital. These are three basic robot alternatives that, despite not having very advanced navigation functionalities, more than meet the expectations of simple cleaning. If you want to find out which of the three is more worthwhile, don’t miss our article!

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Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital – Outstanding features

We want to give you the most complete information possible, and to do so, we will analyse the performance of the three protagonists of our review in the most relevant aspects so that you can check which one best suits what you are looking for.

Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital_2

1) Suction: power adjustable in 3 levels

Optimisation is key when choosing an efficient robot hoover. One aspect that is often decisive for many users is the suction power, which is identical in the three models we analysed and can be adjusted in three different levels depending on the amount of dirt accumulated.

The Eco mode, which achieves a suction power of 800 Pascals; the normal mode, which achieves 1200 Pascals; and the Turbo mode, in which the power rises to 1400 Pascals. Therefore, the suction power will not be a criterion that conditions your decision, as there are no differences in this aspect between the three protagonists of our comparison.

Winner: Tie

2) Sensors: random but efficient navigation

If you are not familiar with the language of this type of device, the navigation technology determines the way in which the robot will move to establish its cleaning routes.

It should be noted that, in this respect, there are no major changes between the three robots in terms of the navigation system. The Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected use iTech Smart 2.0 technology, while the Conga 999 Vital uses iTech 3.0.

Although they have different names, in practice, both are based on a set of proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors.

As a result, navigation is random in all three robots, which prevents them from creating virtual maps as they could if they had a gyroscope or moved with lasers.

Winner: Tie

3) 4-in-1 robots: built-in scrubbing

The versatility of robots is another factor that users rate highly. One of the best ways to measure the versatility of the robots is to see how many functions a single robot can perform.

The Conga 1990 Connected, 1090 Connected and 999 Vital are all 4-in-1. In other words, in addition to vacuuming, they can sweep, mop and mop. In all three cases you can choose between 3 levels of water flow.

Thus, the Wash 4 You technology allows them to exercise an electronic control that automatically doses and distributes the water. However, the Conga 1990 Connected and Conga 1090 Connected have the Twin Floor mop, made of two materials, while the mop of the 999 Vital is simpler.

Finally, all three robots have 6 cleaning programmes.

Winner: Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected

4) Simple set of accessories

The variety of accessories with which each robot is equipped influences aspects such as its versatility. However, this type of hoover is not usually the one that comes with the most accessories compared to broom or sled hoovers.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected models have a specific brush for pets and a bi-material mop, unlike the Conga 999 Vital.

The Conga 1090 Connected has only two extra side brushes, while the 1990 Connected and 990 Vital have four.

Winner: Conga 1990 Connected

Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital_4

5) Battery: recharge and return

One of the special features of some robot vacuums is that they have a so-called «Recharge and Resume» function.

In case you don’t know what it is, this option allows them to go to the charge base when they detect that the battery is very low, but not all of them have it. If we only consider the time each robot can work autonomously, there are no differences.

In all three cases there is an approximate autonomy of 160 minutes. Although, as you know, this can be reduced depending on the power level selected.

So where is the key? The Conga 1990 Connected and the 1090 Connected have GPS Home technology, thanks to which the robot goes directly to the charging base when the battery is very low. The Conga 999 Vital does not.

Winner: Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected

6) Tank: liquid, solid or mixed

As we’ve told you before, all three robots include mopping functionality, as you know, but they don’t all have the same tanks for it.

The Conga 999 Vital has a mixed tank that combines liquids (200 ml) and solids (300 ml).

The 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected models, on the other hand, have two tanks, one for powder only and one mixed tank, combining liquids and solids. They therefore have a slight advantage over the 999 Vital.

Winner: Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected

7) Remote activation: differences in connectivity

We point out in the comparison another element that generates some attraction on the part of users: connectivity. The remote control options available to each of the three robots we analysed differ slightly. Once again, the Conga 999 Vital lags behind its big brothers.

This robot has a remote control with which you can operate the robot, but it does not have a mobile app, as is the case with the Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected.

In addition, these two robots incorporate VirtualVoice technology, so they can be synchronised with the virtual assistants Alexa and Google Home.

Winner: Conga 1990 Connected and 1090 Connected

8) Cost: similar price

We end with what is undoubtedly one of the most important elements when it comes to choosing a model: the price.

Before we delve into the comparison, let us tell you that the final price may vary depending on the seasonal economic offers promoted by Cecotec.

The Conga 1990 Connected and the Conga 999 Vital have a price difference of 10 euros, ranging from 299 to 289 euros.

The Conga 1090 Connected is priced at 245 euros. Taking all other features into account, it is the best value for money.

Winner: Conga 1090 Connected

Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital: Verdict

We are aware that it is not easy to choose one of the three robots, as they are all very good value for money. But now that you know what the differences and similarities are between the three robot hoovers in our review, it’s time to make your choice.

You have already seen that the differences between the Conga 1990 Connected and the 1090 Connected are practically non-existent. The former has two extra side brushes, but the price is slightly higher. In all other respects, they are equal, so in both cases you will get a very satisfactory performance.

Conga 1990 Connected Vs 1090 Connected Vs 999 Vital_1

The Conga 999 Vital, on the other hand, lags a little behind its two big brothers, whose functionalities are much more basic. There is no mobile app, no connection to virtual assistants, and it has only one mixed tank instead of two. Beyond the technological shortcomings, the differences in functionality are not noticeable on a day-to-day basis, as the navigation system, power and cleaning modes are the same.

What about price? We have already mentioned that all three robots offer very good value for money, and for that reason, our recommendation would be to opt for the Conga 1990 Connected or the Conga 1090 Connected. For a little more money, they offer slightly better performance than the 999 Vital.

All in all, they are not the most advanced robots in terms of navigation and mapping, but they are a good alternative for people who need a robot for cleaning due to time constraints and are happy with simpler features and functionality.

Top 5: The most popular Conga robots

Amazon is the most widespread sales and distribution platform worldwide, and therefore more users have already tried the robots and shared their opinion. If you still have any doubts, it may help to know which ones are most frequently sold on this marketplace:

Cecotec Conga 950 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4 in 1 Multifunctional iTech Space Smart Navigation 5 Modes with Remote Control
  • Professional 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: sweeps, vacuums, mops and cleans the floor. Force Implode System: Powerful turbine maximizes high suction power up to 1400 Pa. It has 3 power levels (Eco, Normal and Turbo) and 5 cleaning modes: Auto, Edges, Room, Spiral and Back to Base.
  • iTech Space technology with smart and orderly navigation with proximity sensors, shockproof and anti-drop. It fits totally in your home by cleaning under furniture, detecting obstacles and avoiding falling down stairs. Purifies the air with its EPA filter capable of retaining allergens and dust.
  • The robot that cleans the floor for you! Its Wash4You system allows you to mop and clean the floor by simply installing the liquid tank. Intelligent cleaning thanks to the electronic valve that doses and distributes the water evenly Its Twin Floor fabric is made with two materials to achieve a perfect cleaning on any type of surface.
  • Thanks to the turbo clean carpet system that activates the turbo mode on the mats. It reaches all corners thanks to its 2 side brushes. It has 2 large capacity tanks, one for 350ml dust and one for 200ml liquids. Quiet cleaning thanks to its only silent technology.
  • All-TimeTable system to program the robot 24/7 from the wireless remote control with LCD display. The robot automatically returns to the charging base when it finishes cleaning. The robot has a 14.4 V 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. With a battery life of 160 minutes.
Cecotec Conga Serie 3090 Robot vacuum cleaner with professional laser mapping 4 in 1: sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub the entire surface
  • ITech Laser 360 smart navigation. The robot scans and maps your home for 360º recognition. Plan the fastest, most efficient, orderly and intelligent route of cleaning each room of your home. This innovative technology makes the Conga 3090 series an extremely intelligent robot.
  • Twin Floor mop of two materials for professional cleaning on all types of surfaces.
  • Compatible with virtual voice assistant: Thanks to its new VirtualVoice technology you can connect the robot to the virtual voice control assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Schedule it weekly with your Smartphone APP, easily control the robot, view the history with the cleaning area and time, check the interactive map through laser technology, detect the charging base, establish a restricted area, cleaning areas and punctual cleaning.
  • Select the cleaning mode of a point to send the robot to a specific place on the map where you want it to do a deep cleaning, for example, under the bed or table.
WuYan 10pcs Replacement Filter for Cecotec Conga Excellence 1090 for Cecotec 1790 Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner Parts Filter
  • ✔ Comaptible with Conga Excellence 1090, for Cecotec 1790 Ultra robot vacuum cleaner parts filter.
  • ✔ Filters maintain the vacuum's cleaning performance while reducing the infiltration of dust, pollen and other allergens into the air you breathe.
  • ✔ Exquisite and delicate, highly matched with original equipment.
  • ✔ It is best to replace the spare parts every 2 to 3 months to keep the machine running at peak performance.
  • ✔ Package include 10pcs HEPA Filter for Conga.