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Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silk’n Infinity: Two electric epilators with great features

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silk'n Infinity

Epilating is a tedious task for many people, especially because you have to do it regularly. But what if we told you that you could forget about epilation for several months and do it painlessly? All you need is an efficient and powerful electric epilator that allows you to do so, and one of the best types is the pulsed light epilator. In this article we compare the technical performance of two very interesting models that you should know about: Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silk’n Infinity – watch out!

Let’s clarify what we mean by IPL or pulsed light epilation. IPL epilators perform permanent hair removal anywhere on your body by emitting ‘pulses’ of polychromatic light at high speed, inhibiting hair growth from the follicle.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silk’n Infinity: How are they similar?

Now it’s time to check out what our two protagonists have in common:

Light pulses

Both electric epilators offer up to 400,000 light pulses, which is equivalent to approximately 20 years of treatment. As mentioned above, the technology is not exactly the same, but the number of light emissions each can offer is.

In turn, the melanin absorbs the light pulses and «orders» the follicle not to continue hair growth.

Skin tone recognition technology

Another accessory common to both epilators is an intelligent sensor capable of measuring the skin tone of each person and adjusting the light intensity to each individual.

The purpose of this sensor is to check skin compatibility with the epilator based on skin tone. In the case of Braun, we find the SensoAdapt technology, while Silk’n has not given it a specific name.

Accessible zones

Whether you want to use the epilator on your legs, underarms, face or bikini line, you can use either epilator. The epilator heads are designed to deliver light shots to these areas, although they must be dry beforehand.

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Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silk’n Infinity: These are their differences

The differences are what most help us to choose if we are hesitating between two alternatives that are apparently similar. Therefore, we continue our comparison by referring to the most relevant variations of both epilators:

Proven level of efficiency

To be fair, this aspect needs to be put into context. Brands, based on studies they have carried out, determine a percentage of efficacy after several weeks of use. However, this percentage is not the same for everyone, as it will depend on factors such as skin tone, hair coarseness and skin sensitivity.

Braun claims that Silk Expert Pro 5 can reduce up to 75% of hair in 12 weeks, while Silk’n takes this percentage to 92%. In reality, this will depend on the individual, so we don’t recommend that you take this as your sole benchmark.

Different epilation technologies

Both models are epilators that include pulsed light technology, but the Silk’n model has a technology that goes one step further. This is eHPL, which combines galvanic and optical energy. In this way, the advantages of both technologies are exploited: galvanic is more effective in reaching the hair, while optical heats the follicle.

Does this mean that eHPL technology is better than IPL? Not necessarily. The Intense Pulsed Light in Braun’s device has an effectiveness that is second to none to Silk’n. So they work with different technologies, but both offer very satisfying and painless results.

Adjustable intensity

Both epilators have a sensor to measure skin tone, but do not have the same energy levels. The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 has 10 levels available, twice as many as the Silk’n’s 5 levels.

Synchronisation with app

In this case, only the Silk’n epilator can be synchronised with an eponymous mobile app. You can find it on both the App Store and Google Play, and through it you can consult a calendar of specific treatments to check when your next session is due.

What heads are included?

The Braun model is equipped with the main epilator head and a precision epilator head, especially for sensitive areas such as underarms or the bikini line. The Silk’n epilator, on the other hand, does not have additional heads, but uses the same one for all parts of the body.


Another important difference for many users is the retail price of each epilator, which is quite high. Disregarding cheap offers, the Braun is approximately 70% more expensive than its rival, a quite significant variation.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silkn Infinity 400_4

Which electric epilators sell the most?

Before we finish, let us show you the list of the best-selling IPL epilators on Amazon, which is the biggest selling and distribution platform at the moment:

IPL Electric Epilator, Facial body Profesional Home Hair Remover Device Ideal for Arms, Legs, Bikini, Face(#3)
  • FIVE GEARS FOR YOU TO ADJUST: Epilator has five adjust gears, you can adjust acorrding to the sensitivity of your skin and the skin area and hair growth for comfortable experience of hair removal
  • IDEAL FOR THE ENTIRE BODY: this hair remover for women permanent is compatible with all body parts, including sensitive skin areas such as bikini line, face, neck, armpits, arms or legs. It can be applied to different parts of the body
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Your satisfaction is our purpose. If you are not satisfied with our product you received or you have other requirements on our services. You can send emails to us at any time
  • EASY TO USE: Electric epilator long lasting, compact size and lightweight, convenient to carry and use. Compared to the costs of salon hair removal methods,at home, you can get a hair removal effect like a beauty salon and spend less money
  • PAINLESS TECHNOLOGY: IPL photon technology, painless, and provides an efficient and gentle hair removal experience. During the operation of this device, you won't feel painbecause every body can adjust the settings to the level that best suit them
500000 Female Electric Epilator, Permanent IPL Hair Removal Machine, Body Back Leg Bikini Trimmer
  • [Double flash mode] Large area with a flash for 3 seconds, the skin is continuous flash for thighs, calves, etc.; small area single flash is flashing, small part of the hair removal is suitable for lip hair, bikini, etc.
  • [Anti-scalding and anti-pain] Painless anti-scald hair removal product team through a large number of tests, constantly adjust the filter depth, so that the filter and the human body to maintain a safe distance, to prevent high temperature burns during use
  • [Unique Appearance] Unique design, ergonomic design, convenient for girls to handle hair removal with one hand
  • [Quartz lamp tube] Imported quartz lamp tube 500,000 effective light for long-term durability, for 10-20 people to remove hair
  • [Five-speed adjustment] 5-speed lighting control eye LED status display, the higher the gear position, the greater the energy, the better the effect, even if it is soft and sensitive, it can also be gentle care
Hair Removal for Women and Men, 600000 Flashing Laser Epilator Permanent IPL Hair Removal Machine Electric Facial Photoepilator Device for Women Men
  • â€The laser epilator came to eliminate all unwanted hair.IPL pulse photons were used to beautify the skin,It produces photobiochemistry by destroying the melanin of maonang,Sill unhairing fast and safe.
  • â€8-speed energy regulation,give you more care.It can be adjusted according to different parts.Make it easy to use multiple parts of the body.
  • â€Detachable lamp cap,take care of every inch of skin.360°The whole body is silky depilated and radiated to each hair follicle.
  • â€Two ways of light output.Single play/continuous play two ways of hair removal, fast and time-saving, easy hair removal.
  • â€Rapid depilation,10 minutes of whole body hair removal.Remove black spots in hair follicles.No residue after root removal.
IPL Hair Removal Device,IPL Pulsed Light Epilator, Electric Ipl Leg Epilator, IPL Hair Removal Machine LCD Screen Adjustable Epilator for Face Body Silver For Woman And Man
  • PRACTIAL DESIGN: Intelligent technology, LCD display, large light holder, large area of light. Double flash mode, three effects in one, hair removal, tender skin, whitening, recommended to use once a week. Integrated designs, hair removal and skin caring in one step, to avoid splicing, poor contact, light leakage and so on.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Touches screen, bid farewell to mechanical pressing, touches with your fingertips to turn on, beautiful and effortless. Respects the hair cycle, 8 weeks of scientific hair removal, does not violate the law of hair growth and does not damage the sweat circulation.
  • ADVANCED IPL TECHNOLOGY: IPL pulsed light depilation technology, long term inhibition of hair regeneration,8 weeks cleaning without recurrence. 2 - 4.8J/cm high energy flash interface, hair removal effect increased by 30%~40%. transferring the energy from the hair part to the hair root, it quickly increases the temperature of melanin and breaks it down, gentle inhibition of hair regeneration.
  • EFFICIENT HAIR REMOVAL: IPL hair removal system, large light contact area with skin, reaches hair follicle root, Provide a more gentle and effective irradiation experience, the accurate orientation of the hair follicle melanin. Inhibit the growth of different parts of the human body hair, bid farewell to repeated hair removal.
  • 5 ENERGY INTENSITIES: 5 light intensity levels to adjust, meeting your different needs. With skin color detector indicator light. Exclusive skin detection system, eyes safety system: light emitted only in contact with the skin.
IPL Hair Removal Device,IPL Pulsed Light Epilator, IPL Electric Leg Epilator, 990000 Flashes IPL Ice Sense Electric Epilator Body Epilator Silver(02)
  • EFFICIENT HAIR REMOVAL: Ice flash fast hair removal, IPL ice sense photon hair removal device, only aim at directional hair follicle melanin, no damage to the skin, easy and gentle, ice sense care, safe and reliable.
  • CONVENIENT: 5 levels of light intensities, giving you more care, can be adjusted according to different parts, so that multiple parts of the body can be easily applied. You can enjoy hair removal at home, good hair removal effect, convenient and hygienic.
  • COMBINATION OF HAIR REMOVAL + SKIN REJUVENATION: Ice flash hair removal can relieve the discomfort during hair removal and protect the skin. Shrink pores after hair removal, and can also be used alone to shrink pores in other parts, safe and comfortable.
  • FEATURES: Upgraded IPL strong pulsed light, accurately disintegrates hair follicle melanin, relieves repeated hair growth from the root, and uses it in a cycle to completely remove hair. IPL light effectively removes body hair, promotes cell regeneration, reshapes pore texture, restores skin elasticity, and makes skin smoother and younger.
  • TWO MODES: Manual/auto hair removal dual mode, you can freely choose the mode according to different areas, manual flash depilation is the default on startup, press the continuous flash button to automatically continue to emit light for hair removal, the hair removal efficiency is greatly improved.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Silk’n Infinity: Final Verdict

Now that you know how they are similar and what the differences are, it’s time to decide which IPL epilator to choose. We assume that both offer very good results and incorporate smart technologies, such as the automatic skin tone detection sensor and the ability to deliver up to 400,000 pulses.

However, we’re leaning more towards the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5. Having tested them, we find Braun’s IPL technology to be slightly more effective than Silk’n’s eHPL, although they are quite evenly matched. In addition, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 has a precision head, an accessory that we find very useful for certain parts of the body.

On the other hand, it has the quality guarantee of Braun, one of the leading brands in the personal care segment. Although, as we said, the Silk’n Infinity is a very interesting alternative, especially in terms of value for money, as its price is much lower and the hair removal it offers, although it doesn’t reach Braun’s excellence, is really good.

In short, think about what your preferences and priorities are and it will be easier for you to choose. If you’re a budget conscious person, the Silk’N Infinity is likely to be a better fit. On the other hand, if you’re going for technical excellence, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is the winner.