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Beats Studio3 Vs Beats Solo Pro Vs Beats Solo3 – Which Beats headphones are best?

Beats Studio3 Vs Beats Solo Pro Vs Beats Solo3

Beats Solo3, Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio 3 are wireless in-ear headphones used for everyday casual use, but which are the best for your needs? We show you the «Beats Studio 3 Vs Beats Solo Pro Vs Beats Solo 3″ comparison and help you choose which one is best for you.

Differences between Beats Studio3, Beats Solo Pro and Beats Solo3


The Solo3 and Solo Pro are nicely designed headphones with breathable ear cups, tight clamps and easy-to-use controls. The Solo Pro feel more premium overall and have a good build, although they are also larger and heavier. The Solo 3s are more portable and compact, as are the Studio 3s which have a very similar design.

They resemble each other, in fact stylish headphones with small, circular earmuffs that press against the ears and have the Beats logo. In addition, they are breathable and have ear clamps. The Solo 3 and Studio 3 are more comfortable to wear for long listening sessions because of their looser fit.

All 3 headphones are made primarily of plastic, with good build qualities, although the Solo Pro’s construction looks better with its matte finish and exposed metal on the headband, as well as being more durable. The Studio 3 are also made of plastic only, although they look slightly better than the Solo 3, as well as being circumaural headphones.

Beats Studio3 Vs Beats Solo Pro Vs Beats Solo3


They don’t differ much in terms of controls, which are unobtrusive, easy to access and provide basic functions such as music and call management and volume control. The Solo Pro includes an additional control for switching between active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode. They can also be easily switched on and off by simply folding them out and folding them in.

Solo 3 has a remote control on its audio cable, allowing basic controls even when in wired mode. The online remote control has the usual three-button configuration, includes a microphone and is very easy to use. Studio 3 has simple controls, just like the Solo 3.


The Solo 3 and Studio 3 are more portable than the Solo Pro, but only slightly so. The Solo 3 are more compact and more in line with typical supra-aural headphones in terms of size, while the Studio 3 are slightly larger. The Solo 3 take up less space when stored and look a little more discreet when worn around the neck. The Solo Pro is bulkier for supra-aural headphones, but still perfect for everyday use.

All 3 models of headphones can be folded into a more compact format and come with soft cases for storage.


Like other Beats in-ear and out-ear headphones, the Solo 3 and Solo Pro have lightweight accessories, especially the Pro. The Solo 3 and Studio 3 come with a soft case, micro USB charging cable and audio cable. The Solo Pro has a soft case and a Lightning charging cable, if you want an audio cable you’ll have to buy it separately. The Studio 3 has a high quality hard case.

Beats Studio3 Vs Beats Solo Pro Vs Beats Solo3

Sound and performance

The Solo 3, Studio 3 and Solo Pro are good performing headsets, similar in sound quality, microphone quality and wireless range. Solo Pro are significantly better in noise isolation with their ANC and have less sound leakage.

The Solo 3 and Solo Pro are supra-aural headphones that sound good, are suitable for most genres of music and will satisfy most casual listeners. Their sound is balanced, with powerful but not over-emphasised bass and a detailed mid-range. The Studio 3s are circumaural with similar sound, with more pronounced bass frequencies. Their sound profiles are not customisable.

It is worth noting that while the Solo 3 and Studio 3 have the Apple W1 chip, the Pro has the new technology and advantages provided by the H1 chip.


With their ANC, the Solo Pro and Studio 3 provide significantly better noise isolation than the Solo 3 by blocking out a lot of background noise. They’re not as good as other noise-cancelling headphones, but they deliver, making them perfect for the office. Plus, you can switch to transparency mode whenever you want.

The Solo 3 only has passive noise isolation with its closed design, it does not also block out ambient noise in particularly crowded or noisy places. Its sound loss is higher, which is not important unless you listen to music at maximum volume in quiet places.

The Studio 3s enjoy much more pronounced bass frequencies, overshadowing the mids. Where the bass stands out above the mid and treble frequencies, they stand out considerably. In addition, they have active noise cancellation.

And what do we say about their similarities?


With their mediocre built-in microphones, these models are not the best for business calls, but they are acceptable enough for casual phone calls in a quiet environment.

Battery and fast charging

The Solo 3 offers a much longer battery life per charge and an additional connection option. Its battery life is up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Beats Studio3 Vs Beats Solo Pro Vs Beats Solo3

They all charge quickly, requiring less than two hours for a full charge. They can last up to 3 hours more playback time by charging for as little as 5 minutes on the Solo 3 and Studio 3, and 10 minutes on the Solo Pro. All models have long battery life suitable for multi-day use.

The Solo Pro can also last up to 40 hours per charge, but only when ANC and transparency mode are turned off, otherwise it can last up to 22 hours per charge, which is pretty good. The battery life is the same as the Beats Studio3.


Both headphones have excellent wireless range, but do not support NFC technology and cannot connect to multiple devices at the same time. Their Bluetooth pairing processes are straightforward, especially when paired with Apple devices.

The Solo 3 offers more than one connection option, the audio cable to switch to wired mode when the battery is low or if you want a zero-latency connection, with a regular 3.5mm analogue connector for universal compatibility with most mobile devices. If you want to use the Solo Pro in wired mode, you will need to purchase a Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable.

Which model to choose?

If you are still unsure, the decision will depend on your needs. The Solo 3 offers good portability, good sound and acceptable features and the cheapest price, so if you are looking for something cheap and sufficient for you it will be your best choice. If you want active noise cancellation you should consider the other models.

In this case, we will stick with the Solo3 for its good value for money, although the other models have superior features that may make you think about choosing them as a priority option.