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Babyliss ST393E vs Remington Curl&Straight Confidence: How to choose the best hair straightener?

Babyliss ST393E vs Remington Curl&Straight Confidence

If you’re a frequent traveller and don’t want to travel without your hair straightener, this article is for you! We compare two models that are perfect for packing your suitcase wherever you go. They are also highly effective and have specific technology to take the best care of your hair and prevent frizz. We’re talking about Babyliss ST393E vs Remington Curl&Straight Confidence, two hair straighteners from leading brands that have more similarities than you might think. Discover them below!

Babyliss ST393E vs Remington Curl&Straight Confidence: What sets them apart?

Let’s start by talking about the aspects in which our two protagonists differ, which are probably the ones that will help you choose the most:

What do the plates look like?

One of the main elements of a hair straightener is the pair of plates it is designed with, as the necessary heat emanates from them. In this case, it’s easy to see the difference at a glance. The Babyliss has long floating titanium ceramic plates, each measuring 12 centimetres in length.

The Remington, on the other hand, has ultra-soft ceramic plates with tourmaline, but in this case they are spiral-shaped. This design makes it easier to create waves and curls, as well as giving it a more original look.

Temperature ranges

Another aspect to look at when comparing the performance of the plates is the number of heat settings you can choose from. The Babyliss has a choice of 6 temperature settings, ranging from 145°C to 235°C. The Remington, on the other hand, has a choice of 6 temperature settings. The Remington, on the other hand, has 5 levels, ranging from 150°C to 230°C.

It’s worth noting that the Babyliss has an Advanced Ceramics mode, which maintains a constant temperature for as long as you’re using it.

Setting memory

In line with the above, let us highlight a very interesting feature that the Remington model has. This is the intelligent memory function, thanks to which the iron remembers the last selected setting from the previous time and automatically applies it.


Ergonomics is another important decision factor, as the iron has to be held by hand, which requires easy and comfortable handling. In this case, the lightest model is the Babyliss, which weighs around 260 grams. The Remington, on the other hand, weighs around 800 grams, although it should be noted that the plates are bulkier due to their spiral design.

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Babyliss ST393E vs Remington Curl&Straight Confidence: What do they have in common?

Here are the most relevant similarities between them:

Ionic technology

Both hair straighteners feature ionic technology, which reduces the static electricity that causes your hair to frizz when you straighten it. This way, you avoid the frizz that can occur with some models that don’t have ionic technology.

Auto shut-off and fast heat-up

Another similarity shared by our two protagonists is the quick heat-up function. This means they only take 30 seconds to reach the optimum temperature for you to use them. Also, if you don’t use it for more than a minute, it will automatically switch off.

Carrying case

Both hair straighteners are equipped with a protective sleeve so you can take them with you on your travels without a problem, and you can store them right after use without burning the sleeve. It’s also worth noting that the Babyliss hair straightener also has a heat-resistant mat, so you can rest the straightener on a surface after use.


The price of both hair straighteners is in a similar economic range, ranging from 60-65 euros, without taking into account seasonal offers. So, although not exactly the same, the difference is minimal.

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Babyliss ST393E vs Remington Curl&Straight Confidence: final verdict

Finally, it’s time to decide which model to choose. In many cases, price is a decisive factor when choosing between two alternatives, although in this case it doesn’t make much of a difference. Therefore, we have to look at the technical characteristics that best suit our preferences.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the two brands featured in this review enjoy a high reputation in this segment, and offer great quality and efficiency in their results. That said, it’s time to choose which one we consider to be better, and in this case, our scales are tipped towards the Remington.

The reason? Mainly the design and efficiency of its plates, which make it just as easy to straighten hair as it is to wave or curl it. We also find the smart memory function very interesting, as it allows you to keep the default setting without having to re-enter it manually.

However, the decision is entirely up to the individual, as not all users need to look for a straightener with better curling performance. It should also be noted that the Babyliss is a model that delivers spectacular results, so think about which of the two you think will work best for you. Either way, you’ll make the right choice.

What are the most popular hair straighteners?

Finally, here’s a list of the hair straighteners most popular with Amazon users:

62% OFF
Remington Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic Hair Straighteners with Morrocan Argan Oil for Improved Shine - S8500, Black/ Silver, Pack of 1
  • Advanced Ceramic coated plates infused with Moroccan Argan Oil with Vitamin E
  • Digital temperature display with 9 settings 150 - 230 degrees
  • Fast heat up in 15 seconds. Auto shut off after 60 minutes
  • Floating plates for even pressure on the hair
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Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straighteners, 15 Seconds Heat Up Time with Variable Temperature Setting - S3500, Black
  • With anti-static, ceramic, tourmaline ionic and smooth glide coated plates, the straightener delivers 4x more protection, extra shine and less static* (*vs standard ceramic coating)
  • Temperature of 150-230 degrees Celsius with a 30 setting variable wheel, allowing you to change the temperature to suit your preference; whatever temperature you choose, the straightener will be ready to use in just 15 seconds
  • With 110 mm longer length floating plates you can straighten more hair in one stroke; the floating plates also cushion the hair whilst styling, leaving it very smooth and indent free
  • Includes worldwide voltage for high performance wherever you are; also comes with a heat proof pouch and a plate lock for easy storage
  • Automatic safety shut off will turn the straightener off, if left unattended for 60 minutes
Hair Straighteners Curlers for Women Wide Plates for Thick Long Hair Wet and Dry for Keratin Hair Treatment 160℃-230℃ Ceramic Plates 1.8m (Rose Gold)
  • Wet and Dry Flat Iron :One benefit of using a wet to dry hair straightener is that they can help you save time. However, it will still take some time to finish straightening and styling your hair. Another benefit of using a wet to dry straightener is that they can reduce frizz and It is advisible to use heat protectant.
  • Ceramic-coated Plates:Ceramic hair straighteners produce negative ions ,heat up quickly and distributed,at same time reduces damage.
  • Four Adjustable Temperature Setting: Temperature setting from 160℃,180℃,200℃,230℃. Good performance at all hair types, the straightener will be ready to use in 180 seconds.
  • Auto-shut off and Dual voltage 110V-240V : Prevents the hair tool from over-heating or damaging surfaces in one hour.Dual voltage is best if you travel to foreign countries.
  • Package:Hair straightener*1,Instructions*1.
Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener, 30 Seconds Heat Up Time - S1400, Black
  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Max temperature: 210 degrees
  • Heat up time: 30 seconds
  • LED on indicator light
  • Worldwide voltage
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BaByliss Elegance 235C Hair Straighteners, Ultra-smooth ceramic plates, Multi-voltage, Fast Heat Up, variable heat
  • Hair Straightener with ceramic plates that glide through hair for smooth results
  • 3 heat settings up to 235C
  • Fast heat-up,ready to use in 15 seconds
  • Multi-voltage for worldwide use